Bitcoin Cash and Cinema

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Cinema is the biggest source of awareness. Movies and series can impact the thinking of people. I was doing research before writing this article and i came to know that there is no such movie on krypto currency featuring A list actors. Cinema is source which can be used for awareness campaign. Although there are dozens of documentaries but according to the Netflix's statistics the number of movie/web series watcher is more than 12times than that of who watch documentaries.

Cinema Can Influence More People Than a Celebrity

This is true as if a Celebrity has followers in millions then a movie can have more than the double followers of him because in the movie there are more than the two celebraties are working together.

Cinema is the biggest source of awareness in the world because even a single movie like "Avatar" or "Avengers Endgame" can earn more than the "2 Billion dollars". This is very huge. And this means more people have watched this movie or people have watched it more than one time.

How a movie can influence people

Many movies have shown that they can change the thinking of people. People watch movies passionately. They wait for movies of their favorite actor/director desperately.

The biggest example of "how a movie can influence people" is "Star Wars".

This movie series influenced people in so much depth that people literally changed their religion to "Jedi". Now more than 50,000 people have changed their religion to "Jediism".

What we have to do now ?

We have to produce a movie on "Bitcoin Cash" in order to aware more people about BCH.

The Movie will show "How Bitcoin Cash can be profitable" or "How Bitcoin Cash can make our life easy if people start using it as payment method". More similar topics can be considered.

Will people watch this movie ?

Surely they will. Many people watch gambling and casino movies then why not this ? Bitcoin Cash can be more profitable then these. And if well-known actors and directors make the movie then people will surely watch it.

Who will act and director the movie ?

I can name the actors and singers which invested millions in cryptocurrency. For example: Maisie Williams, Steven Seagal, Snoop Dogg, Donald Glover etc. They will sure act in the movie.

Animated Movie Or Cartoon

We can create a animated movie or a cartoon series for kids featuring "BCH Man" as a Superhero. This animated movie or cartoon series will impact the thinking of kids. Even in thier early age they will get to know more about cryptocurrency, their benefits and specially the BCH.

Who will produce it ?

Movie, animation or creation of cartoons needs a lot of money to be produced. And I think this will not be a problem for our community. Our obligators like @MarcDeMesel , @RogerVer etc can surely give donation for this awareness campaign. And if much money needed, we as a community can give, Even i am ready to give my 54$ dollars of BCH for this awareness campaign. I know this amount is not enough but this is what I only have. And as someone said "light gains make a heavy purse". So this movie can be produce easily.

And that's it. I know this article is so small but i think this is enough to convey my message about awareness campaign for BCH.

What do you think about having a movie dedicated to BCH ? Let me know in the comments below. And tell me the ideas about movie.

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