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5 Web Series, Beyond Imagination! Part 3.

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2 months ago
Topics: Movie, Review, Web series

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones or Stranger Things then you probably came here to find out the quality content to watch. Watching movies or web series takes a long precious time of ours. So why wasting time watching useless content? I am here to give you the best content to watch this weekend. I am gonna make a list of 5 beyond imagination web series. Will write its IMDb score, rating and a brief review just to make you decide what to watch this weekend. Before that, if you are new to my profile then let me tell you that I have written its 1st and 2nd part too. You can check it here:

🖊️ 5 Record Breaking Web Series. Beyond Imagination.

🖊️5 Web Series, Beyond Imagination! Part. 2.

Now lets start today's list. I will write their positive and negative points too. So here we go.

#5 How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad then you would love this series too.

Its IMDb score is 7.9/10 with the rating R. This series is available on Netflix.


To win back the love of his life, a high school student and his best friend launch Europe's largest online drug business from their teenage bedroom.

Let's talk about its positive points.

  • Positive Point 1: The characters of this series are relatable. You can relate the characters because no situation seems illogical in the series.

  • Positive Point 2: The twist and turns characters face while selling drugs online and its outcomes feels realistic and grounded.

  • Positive Point 3: Length of each episode is just 30 minutes. Each episode will bring you to your college life full of adrenaline where money, lust and drugs was all you want.

  • Negative Point: The only negative point of this series is that it is made in German language and dubbed in English which loses some impact of feelings.

The series full of violence and adult scenes so it is an adult series. The acting of actors is amazing. The thing they have showed using technology is awesome. This series is highly addictive, so watch it when you are completely free.

#4 Mindhunter

We really wanted to be a detective in our childhood and some of us still dream of it. If yes, then you would love to watch this series. Gradually when case resolves it drills to your mind too. Its IMDb score is 8.6/10. Series is available on Netflix.


Set in the late 1970s, two FBI agents are tasked with interviewing serial killers to solve open cases.

  • Positive Point 1: The story of this series is realistic and grounded. Just like real life, two FBI agents interview criminals to know the solution of murders. You will like "why incident happened" more than "how it happened".

  • Positive Point 2: This series has no twist and turns but a completely unique and grounded storyline.

  • Negative Point: It is an adult series as it contains brutal scenes which may disturb your mind too.

#3 The Pacific

In every 5 to 10 years we able to see only one movie of war because spending a lot of budget in a war movie is risky. Based on 2nd world war's fight between Japan and America in Pacific this 10 episode mini series is beyond imagination. Its IMDb score is 8.3/10 with rating R. Series is available on Disney+.


The Pacific Theatre of World War II, as seen through the eyes of several young Marines.

  • Positive Point 1: If you like war movies then you gonna love this series where bullets are touching men horribly and due to bomb blast the man standing nearby just explodes. In these situations protagonist have to survive as well as to kill enemies.

  • Positive Point 2: There are many scenes and moments which literary give you goosebumps. Three marines who are fighting in these situations give you real war like feeling.

  • Negative Point: The only negative point I felt is that after watching a long fantastic war sequences, dialogues seems boring as we want action. Maybe some of you like it as well.

#2 Suits

If you watch this web series then you probably come out as a true lawyer. How the life of an advocate is? What is human relations, what is truth? These types of case study you would see in this series. Its IMDb score is 8.4/10 with the rating R. Series is available on Netflix.


On the run from a drug deal gone bad, brilliant college dropout Mike Ross finds himself working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers.

  • Positive Point 1: A duo of New York's best lawyer with a college dropout. The best thing is: Finding little and invisible mistakes from any case. In short, differentiating truth and lie maybe simple but finding lesser evil from two lies is different and this is what they do.

  • Positive Point 2: This series will teach you some small lessons for daily life's law and order situation.

  • Positive Point 3: The acting of actors is fantabulous.

  • Negative Point: I felt some long stretched scenes make original matter's importance less. Maybe this seems interesting to you.

#1 West World

Where our thinking capacity ends, there starts the imagination of this web series. OMG 😳 This is true mind bending and beyond Imagination web series. Eye soothing VFX and mind bending plot this series is on an other level. Its IMDb score is 9.2/10 with rating R. Series is available on HBO Max.


A technically advanced park inhabited by human-like robots, these robots serve park visitors in strange and special ways, where visitors have the right to do anything without fear of the robots on their service.

  • Positive Point 1: First positive point of this series is its amazing sci fi world. Futuristic amusement park like world where robots start malfunctioning which reveals something weird.

  • Positive Point 2: 2nd positive point of this series is its cinematography. Eye soothing VFX. Even its first episode is enough to make you its addictive.

Although its second season seems a little bit stretched but that was necessary for characters development. Series has a lot of adult and disturbing scenes which makes it an R rated series.

Highly, Highly, Highly Recommended this series if you are 18+ and wants to experience a unique and beyond imagination content.

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Written by   115
2 months ago
Topics: Movie, Review, Web series
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Why they all look good series 🤔,

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Because they all actually good series but for different individuals liking different genres.

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Hmmm, I will look for them first.

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Sure 😃

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