Meet the 7 devils

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2 years ago

Cindy wakeup its time to go in school now!!

Its my mom " its your 1st day in the school dont be late and be ready okay baby?

Cindy "yes mom, but mom do i need to go in the school?

Mom: why baby? dont u like to meet a new friends? I know its really hard for you to changed every time. But you know we need to do this for our safety.

And she go outside of my room,

hmm, i need to take a shower now. And prepare my new journey

By the way iam cindy lee 18 years old.

Looking at the mirror i have a long wavy hair small nose,cute kissable lips small face and sadly i am also small girl big eyes with big eye glasses

"cindy the breakfast is ready come sweety you will be late in school" my mom said.

Yes mom coming."

Mom: do you want me to take you in the school?

Cindy:no need mom i can manage.

Mom: okay be carefull and makes many friends as long as you want okay?

Cindy: yes mom, gotta go now bye.

Cross seoul academy

Cindy: this is it!!! Now i need to find my classroom hmmm which one is my building??

I am here at the hallway still looking for the room 1-A oh there!!!

And i came in this room and look around so the student here is just making chit chat to each other thats means teacher is not yet here. I came inside and look for vacant seats i found one in the back and i take my bag in the seat and waiting for the professor why they are noisy? I wonder why those people seems talking in only one person?

Ashley : hi my name is ashley i am freshman here how about you?

A girl with cute face came she looks friendly i give my shy smile and answer her.

Cindy: helllo i am cindy but you can called me IU for short nice meeting you, and yes i am also a new here.

And people just came silent. huh? What happened it is our teacher came?

I looked at ashley and asked her but either ashley its looks shock on what she saw and to know what it is i looked at the door a tall guy with square smile came and look around of the rooms all women looking in that creature a perfect one...

He is idols? Actor? I asked my self why this person looks handsome? And i heard all girls whispering " omg taehyung is our classmate? How about jimin and jk?

Oh my god we are lucky we have taehyung as a classmate so bts are here also?

Oh kill me now its for real taehyung is our classmate.. This is what i heard to all girls in the room

Ashley: omg cindy slap me now i am not dreaming right?

Cindy : what's the problem ash who is he and what is bts?

Ash looked at me with the shock expressionto her face. "My god where planet do you from? Don't you know bts?

Ash: cindy which planet you from he is taehyung a member of popular boy band called bts. Dont tell me you dont know them?

I just give her a questionable looks and smile.

Cindy: sorry but i am just new here i dont have any idea.

Ash : okay later i will tell you everything about here.and everything you should know.

And ashley came back to her seat.. And me just look at the guy who's talking around of girls. And minutes later the teacher came and they back on the seat.

Teacher: taehyung go to your seat at the back and you young lady what is your name? Can you introduce your self? The teacher looked at me and its give me nerves to stand in the front so i just stand and deep breath

hello i am cindy lee i am new here and you can called me IU thanks. And i saw a deep eyes looking at me its gives me a chills in my whole body.

Teacher : oh okay you can sit now and taehyung go sit her side we will start now.

I looked at taehyung walking to my seat and his deep eyes keep looking at me.

Taehyung: hi nice meeting you IU.

My eyes got big after hearing his deep voice and called my name like he already know me. And i looked at him with a shock!

do... Do do you know me?

He smile and say

Taehyung: you just say earlier your name right? Oh yeah but why i have a feelings he know me.... So i just need to focus on my professor. After 2 hours lecture the bells rang...

And ashley cames and called me

Ash: cindy lets go i will tour you in the school, hi v.. ash said and what the problems of her why her face is looks like tomatoes.

TAEHYUNG : IU SEE YOU LATER. And he give me a sweet square smile. I just nodded and go with ASH.

ASH: 1st lets go to the canteen and i will tell u everything i know about this school and bts and many more okay..

Then we walked to canteen and she keep talking while i am listening to her

ASH: bts is a 7 god creatures from heaven they are a boy band a famous but nOT everyone is nice YOU need to be carefull with suga, jk, and v but iam not about v maybe you should be careful with his charms its will kill you. And suga he is the baddest to all member. And jk a playboy one but when he got you he will forget you right away and make you useless trash. Well except for jimin jin and rm also jhope they're nice but well just nice.

Now lets go get the food. while i am listening to her i just bumb to a white guy and i fell down "oh shit.."

He just looked at me. And he just leave

Cindy: what a bastard!!! Hey you dont know how to say sorry? You just bump on me and you never help me to get up.???

Ashley helping me to me stand up. " Cindy say sorry right now"

Cindy: why let me finish my words to him how dare him. he just bump on me and leave like there's nothing happened.

And i looked at the whole place all people keep gossip and i head some of them

Omg she is crazy? She is a deathmeat now

Oh my god she dont know min yoogi?

Oh poor you gurl you will be dead now.

Ashley: cindy i told you earlier which people you need to be careful.. My god lets go now. And we walk out of the canteen

Meanwhile suga p.o.v

Who is she? She is pretty and have a milky white skin but she looks nerd at all from head to toe. But she have big pretty eyes. I will watch you milky white skin..

Jimin: hyung here!!! What happened there?why people keep gossip did you killed someone there? 😁😁

Suga: do you wanna die?

Rm: suga hyung are you okay?

Jk: hyung sit down lets eat now

Taehyung: i have new classmate jk and she is so pretty😁😁😁

Jk: really v then let me see her later

V: dont you dare jk


Ash she keep nagging at me. And talking but i dont understand her. And another disaster came. bump again in a body but this time we both on the floor

I heard her coursing me many times so i did is say sorry to her but she keep giving me a curse word.

Cindy:oh i am sorry i am not looking at my way sorry again. And she just give a deadly looks and legs go girls.. This school full of stupid people. Said while walking away from here.

Ash:: omg IU are a cursed person why you alway bump in a bad people today my god thats bitch is the meangirls.

Lets go home now and pls pray for your safety.

We part away and i am keep thingking what happened now its really a bad day???

Chapters 2 will posted next day please stay tone for next episode

Thank you for reading

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It is your families mom is best topies..

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nice naman

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Keep it upβ™₯️

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