Reapers First Summons

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1 year ago

In less than 24 hours all Reaper holders are going to have access to the first airdrop of 1,111 pieces that are out of this (under) world. Dragons are the majority of the set but you might end up getting some brand new Reapers and maybe some 3D material! This drop has been weeks in the making as I've been working in a 3D space to produce some of the coolest pieces ever seen on the smartBCH network.

It is a one for one drop so one Reaper will give you one potential mint. The minting will take place here and there is a countdown timer so you don’t t miss it! If you aren’t a Reaper holder and are interested in joining the Reaper Gang, be sure to join our Telegram and introduce yourself. We are a fun and friendly community and we love to welcome new members. Once in the community check out Oasis to get a Reaper(s) of your own to qualify for the First Reaper Summons and remember its one for one so how ever many Reapers in your wallet will get you just as many potential mints.

A big shoutout goes to @zquestz for the construction of the smart contract and the build of the website and a shoutout also goes Jay and Oasis.Cash. SmartBCH is growing and we are continuing to make history!

$ 3.95
$ 3.75 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.20 from @Pantera