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Series: Power of Flowers and The meaning of their colors - Red -

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2 months ago

Greetings everyone, today I will share the first post of a Series that I like to call Power of Flowers and The meaning of their colors, like the title says. Each post will share a color in specific, with a photo taken and edited by me.

Ixora Flower

Flowers' appearance affects us emotionally.It tells us whether we're going to receive love or hate, happiness or sadness.Different flowers convey different ideas and feelings, depending on their colour.

Many times we see red roses or yellow sunflowers just because they appeal to us emotionally and aesthetically.We admire beauty in everything including nature since it was designed beautifully by God himself to attract human beings the most.Colors play vital roles in the life of each plant species on earth. Flowers colors include dark violet blue light pink white orange and yellow colours. There are various meanings associated with different flowers colors.

Enough intro, let's go to the flowers color of this post... RED

Coqueta Flower

Red flowers are usually associated with passion. right? That's why red roses are so popular on Valentine's Day. The red flower symbolizes love, but it also symbolizes courage and respect. Red flowers have more types and meanings than any flower of color. Consider the following popular flowers and their symbolism.

Aster: It means endless dedication. Popular in Greek mythology

Chrysanthemum: symbol of beauty and joy; It is the official flower of November.

Anemone: widely used in painting; One of the most popular wedding flowers.

mouse: one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world. It means spiritual and physical protection.

If you love someone and want to express your love, you usually can't go wrong by giving them a beautiful bouquet of red flowers. The three most popular red flowers that are sent and received are poppies, roses and tulips.

Thanks for stopping by, and take the time to read this post. Hope you like it!

More photos in my IG Christopher.gls

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Written by   4
2 months ago
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