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What Do You Do?

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1 month ago

There are three most important questions people would like to ask you;

1. What is your name(who are you)?

2. What do you do(what is your job/occupation).

3. Where are you from or where do you live?

The first is PURPOSE.

The second is ASSIGNMENT.

The third is your ENVIRONMENT.

If you get these three questions right you are good to go.

If you have discovered and pursue your purpose, carrying out your divine assignment, and live in right environment for your dreams and vision then nothing can stop you.

So take your time and answer these questions....have you really discovered your purpose? Are sure you are on your divine assignment? Where you are right now is it the right place for you?

Whatever good work that you do aim at been the best. There is no glory in been shallow. Develop yourself in such a way that you will become 'principality' in that field.

It's better to become the best in one thing than to become average in many things. There are people that know how to do everything but don't know how to anything well. Keep doing something until people recommend you above others on that thing.

This is my point, anything you do do it well enough that your name will be associated with that.

In this 21st Century, what you do doesn't make the difference but becoming a brand in what you do is what matters. You've to be difference doing the same thing. Those doing everything are like a tree bearing every fruit, soon they will wither and die.

When next I ask you what you do, just know I don't mean what you do in the real sense, but I meant 'upon all that you do you are just like other persons doing it! Dare to be different.

Be exceptional in your field.

Be a pastor with a difference.

Be an ordinand with a difference.

be a mas communicator with a difference.

Chris brrr45 by

Be a lawyer with a difference.

Be a footballer with a difference.

Be a fashion designer with a difference.

Be a writer with a difference.

Be a student with a difference.

✍️✍️ Thanks a lot for reading

Happy New month of December ( Happy New Month BCH.)

Happy Blessed New Month.


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Written by   46
1 month ago
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Beautiful article Chris, keep it up with your good work into Bitcoin cash.

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Thanks so much my dear I really appreciate 👍

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