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Responding to God's love.

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9 months ago

Before I start... I want to tell you this brief story First.

One unique trait I love about dogs is their inability to forget it's owners even after a prolonged period of their absence from them.

When I left home for school, I feared that our dog Brown ,won't be able to recognize me when I came back but it did, even after staying months without seeing me. It was all cool until it did something stupid the last time I went home... Chaaaaii, it was a day I would never forget.. Let me give you the gist.

I noticed a new development I wasn't quite comfortable with during my latest visit to KD.

Normally, Brown was usually caged during the day and released during the night, but this time I noticed it was always caged both during the day and all through the night. I didn't like that... I felt it wasn't a fair treatment as it was against it's fundamental animal rights 😄

I became an animal right activist as I advocated for the release of the dog during the night and part of the day.

Actually, the reason my mum ensured the dog was always caged was as a result of it's misbehavior whenever it was released at night. It was fond of getting trash from the waste bin and littering it all over the compound.

(Foolishness is bound in the mind of a dog, it can only be managed but not totally eradicated). My advocacy paid off (even against my mum's wish) and the Dog got back its freedom.

It never stopped it from its usual misbehavior though😅. Such an ungrateful thing!🤨

I had to take responsibility of the clean up every morning since I was the one that advocated for its release, poor me🥺.

You won't believe what happened next.....

After all I did for this Dog... after all my sacrifice and labour just to ensure it regains its freedom...

This, this😠... let me calm down first😤 and continue the gist:

I was planning to leave KD to Abuja the next day, some of my clothes especially my whites was spread on the line outside, after some laundry. It stayed on the line all through the night...

I believe you are guessing what happened already

I woke up the next morning and when I stepped out, I was welcomed with the sight of my clothes on floor.

All Brown could use to pay me back after my kind gesture to him was to pull my clothes to the floor...

as if that wasn't enough, as usual he took trash from the neighbors waste bin which included diapers full of shit.... and he used the diapers and other trash to give my clothes a first class design

Heee God🙆🥺

My cloths, my white cloths, on the floor... stained with shit, dirt and urine😭

(If you are smiling at this, YOU ARE SO HEARTLESS😡)

The annoying part of the whole thing was that it still had the mind to playfully shake it's tail as it ran towards me to greet me, like it was literally excited.

Please I need tips on how to painfully punish a dog without causing it pain, I'm only asking for a friend🖤😈

I was shocked, angry and partially dumbfounded

Trust Nigerian mums, you can only imagine her words and reactions when she got to find out.

"Toor, shebi I told you, you didn't want to hear, it's good for you, now see for yourself, next time you would........"🤣🤣🤣🤣

While my mum voice was the background music in the scene, I only stood looking at my cloths and the annoying excited dog.

Then at the spot the Holy Spirit began to minister to me:

"This is what it means to love one who is unlovable, this is what it means to be good to one who won't necessarily reciprocate your goodness"

For some seconds, try to imagine the way God feels when the essence of his creation(humans) disputes his existence.

Yet He makes His sun rise on the wicked and on the good, and makes the rain fall upon the upright and the wrongdoers [alike].

Try to picture how he feels, knowing that the very ones he died for are yet to live for him, yet while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

If his love towards us was based on how we loved him back then mankind would have been doomed a long time ago.

We still struggle to give up certain things in response to our love for him yet he gave up his only son in order to redeem us.

What manner of love is this?

Reckless Love? Excess Love? Unstoppable Love? Love unconditional ?.... We are yet to get the right vocabulary that best describes this love.

But the amazing truth about this is that we are designed and instructed to love the way he loves, just as it is written;

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

This is how we know what love is: Almighty God laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.


Are we loving as God loves?

Are we indifferent towards his love for us?

Do we still struggle to respond to his love by doing what pleases him at all point?


Lord help us to love the way you do🙏 We receive the grace to respond to your love without holding back.


You are blessed

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Written by   55
9 months ago
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This is so inspirational .The love of God towards man is so unconditional that even when man seen against God many time ,he still over look and forgives God always draw us close. The love of God is incomparable. He Is just more than anything to us even more than life itself.

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9 months ago

Yesooo are right, Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my article 👍

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9 months ago