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2 months ago

Happiness is liking what you have and being contented.

You were born in a first class hospital, I was delivered at home, we both survived.

You went to a private primary school and I went to central primary school St John, we both ended in the high school.

You went to Kings College Lagos, I could only afford Urban Day grammar school, but we were both tested with the same WAEC and NECO exams. And we both passed.

You proceeded to the prestigious Babcock University, I could only work and pay for my studies at National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). We both earned the same NUC recognized degrees.

You woke up from the bed and I woke from the floor, we both had a peaceful night rest.

Your outfits are all expensive, mine are all simple and cheap, we both still cover our nakedness.

You ate fried rice and roasted chicken, I ate local made food but we both still ate to our satisfaction.

You ride on Lexus jeep, Range Rover, G Wagon, Hummer Jeep and I use public transport but we still got to our various destination.

You may be reading this post from your Sony xperia, BB Z10, Q10, Samsung Galaxy 6edge, IPhone6+ and I typed it with my Touch one broken screen, we still see the message.

Lifestyle is not a competition and there are different ways to get a lot of things done, different lanes all leading to the same destination. Just because your neighbour is doing things faster does not mean you are failing.

Happiness doesn't come from having everything, but making the best out of what you have, it's all about how you see yourself.

Rich men children
Poor men Children

Happiness is not having what you like. Happiness is liking what you have and being contented.

*Don't allow people to drop their trash on you*

There are some stories(gossip) you shouldn’t allow yourself to listen to because you want to prove you are caring.

Some of the people who resist that truth become control freaks. They micromanage, refuse to delegate tasks, and try to force other people to change. They think if they can gain enough control over other people and the situations they find themselves in, they can prevent bad things from happening.

Others know they can't prevent bad things from happening, but they worry about them anyway. They fret about everything from natural disasters to deadly diseases. Their worries keep them occupied, but ultimately, they waste their time and energy because worrying doesn't do any good. If you waste a lot of time worrying about things you can't control,

Select what you hear! Or sieve what you hear!

*All we have God gave us*

The benefit of not faking your life is that you are at ease all the time. You do not worry about a new mask that you have to wear for a new occasion. Your sincere personality is what you would take around.

You can sit by a mama-put and eat your meal comfortably. And the next day, you can sit at a five-star hotel and still feel great. But when you fake things, at the mama-put, you will cover your face.

And at the five-star hotel, you will call a press conference. May you not be caught hustling to fake it to impress anyone!

All we have God gave us.

In conclusion

Happiness doesn't come from having everything, but making the best out of what you have, it's all about how you see yourself. Don't allow people to control you or to influence you to do what you don't want to do. Make yourself your own pillar that you will stand to achieve your goals, so be contented with what you have make sure you love yourself before loving another.

Thanks for reading my article see you next time.

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Written by   46
2 months ago
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Such a wonderful write-up sir. Indeed, happiness is not about having everything, it is about being content with what you have. Keep writing sir. Every time I read your article I feel that I am blessed. 😊 keep sharing sir. 😊 you inspired me by your works. ☺

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2 months ago

Wow that is very good for hearing, I am happy that someone like my article I also love your comment, it gives me Joy. Thanks a lot for Reading and commenting on my article.

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2 months ago

What a great artice this is. Irrespective of Whatever situation you find yourself, just know it that you are special and that it is the same life that we are all living. Juas pray to God for more blessings

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2 months ago

Yesoooo... You got it right, thanks so much for reading and commenting on my article. Am happy that you like reading it.

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2 months ago