Story : Pale spring

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Abid Shahriar is a very popular writer of the present time in Bangladesh. His books have won the title of bestseller in several consecutive book fairs.

He set foot in the world of writing for about eight years. Numerous fans have been created during this period. However, there are some whispers about this handsome gentleman in his forties, there are various rumors.

The reason is that he is still a bachelor. Some say that he may have eaten some chhaka taka, while others say that he may have gone one step further and say that he may have a problem. She has no shortage of beautiful girl fans, but no news of Daharam Muharram has ever been heard from anyone.

Exactly what caused his asceticism, no one knows at all. Some news papers fabricate some words to increase their cut. Since Abid consciously avoids all the propaganda of Shahriar, does not give any interview anywhere, there is no way to know the truth.

Every one of his writings has a shadow of deep sadness, the intense sadness of the story also touches the heart of the reader. What that deep grief is is unknown to all. Although there is an impression of sadness in the writing, he has built a wall of mystery around himself.

Many journalists were chasing like eighteen, finally giving up. Even if we talk in some meetings or seminars, we always keep our mouths shut on personal matters. However, there are rumors that he used to do photography, and he also had a cover on some international magazines. But suddenly he left everything and disappeared, after three years he made his debut in writing.

Why this anonymity of his is still a huge question mark to everyone! Surprisingly, his book became popular from the very beginning and gradually reached its peak of popularity.

📌📌Anbesha was sitting at her desk reading an article written by herself with deep attention. Sitting at the side desk, my friendly colleague Atiq said, “Congratulations, Anvesha. This feature has also been great. ” Without looking up from the newspaper, he said, “Thank you. I also read yours, Abid Shahriar's interview. "

Atiq laughed and said, "And interview, has this guy ever given that in his life?"

This time Anbesha raised her face and sat motionless, wondering in her throat, “Seki! The whole fabrication? ”

“Or what? The great writer does not put his feet on the ground, walks in the sky! Don't you know it yet? ” Sore throat.

“I heard something like this, but I didn't know it was happening in our magazine! Well, in this way, everyone is printing fabricated words without interviewing him. Unito can file a case if he wants, then what will he do? ”

"Yes, but don't do that, even if it's not in these few years, there have been over three hundred features about him, good and bad. He didn't take action! ”

“Surprise! Doesn't he see all this? ”

"Do you think he's blindfolded?" Everything is a mess. This is how the publicity is increasing, if you show yourself, the interest of the public will not decrease! ”

Anbesha shook her head and disagreed, “Whatever you say, people buy books because of his writing, not just out of curiosity. The gentleman writes really well. ”

“Say it again! Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

"I'm curious to know about this guy," says Anvesha.

Laughing, Atiq replied, "Try it or you will pay attention to the beautiful journalist, who knows!" Towards the end there is a bit of contempt.

It is as if the word that was said in a very joking manner pressed on his head. And once the ghost of something hits her head, the girl does not know how to stop until the result comes. One day a classmate remarked, "Everyone can make money with their father's money, stand on their own two feet, struggle like us and then come talk about us."

He has implemented that word, he never had much ambition about life, but he seemed to weave that word. Although he didn't have to struggle much, in a short time he started working in a daily newspaper of the first sari of the country, his features are really good.

Since then he has never taken his father's money. Although not a big deal, he has already made a name for himself. My father could not persuade anyone to say much. He said clearly, "If you want to give something as a gift, give it, but I will afford it myself, you will not come to say anything."

Although his father regretted at first, he is now a proud father. The girl's small receipt is also her receipt.

📌📌The editor sighed a little at first, but later gave permission, if he can do the impossible, then what is evil! There is a spark in this girl, she admits in her mind. If not, you can try.

After getting permission, Anbesha went to work and first called Abid Shahriar's number. The call was not received, the process continued unabated. The fifth response was, "Who's talking?"

Someone asked the catkat throat.

“I am Anbesha Ahmed, from Daily Khabar Pratidin. Abid Shahri ... "

Before he could say the rest, he heard, “Look, sir, you don't give any interviews, yet why do you bother again and again? Never bother again. ”

Without giving him a chance to say anything, he cut the line. He did not give up even though he was a little depressed. Although this is a very common thing in journalism, why the insult. Tried a few more times but got no response.

He broke the war like that day but left the next day in front of Abid Shahriar's house. There was no profit in this way, the result was zero. Suddenly a childish ghost sat on his head and started shouting, "Abid ... Abid Shahriar ...".

He doesn't like so much media, he wants to talk to Abid directly. But this time there was no benefit, on the contrary, the security guard came from inside and told him to vacate the place quickly. Anger, humiliation, eyes and face began to twinkle.

As if the cash was suppressed! So much arrogance, so much arrogance! Anvesha will leave with the interview of this man, however, he promised himself. Shortly afterwards, the newspaper office reported that they had been allowed to hold interviews for the time being.

But not in front of someone's house to disturb his peace! Then it should not be like this. Got a fairly warning.

“Complaints have also been made! I will not leave this man alone, never? What do you think of yourself? I will go to work, but I will stop when I see the end of it! ”

Rokh is stuck in his head, when his mother divorced his father and he was barely five years old, his father did not get married keeping his words in mind. Despite receiving endless caress, he never got the rule.

As time went on, he became more and more stubborn and stubborn. Eccentricity and stubbornness do not easily press on his head, but once you press it, you have to see him!

Sitting in the car, he called a friend, who has a detective agency, introduced himself as a 'private detective'. "Dude, what's the status of your agency now?"

Anand's frustrated voice was heard saying, "And the agency, I sit all day, I don't get a client. No one pays attention to these detectives in this country, understand? ”

Enthusiastically, he said, "Then you have no work to do, you take my case then?"

"What's your case again?"

"Follow someone, where does it go, how do I know all the time to time?"

Anbesha said in a professional tone.

“Who? Dude, are you in love again? Want to play before making love? ”

"Your head, you have become a private detective with this stupid intellect. Can not enter my head. That's why clients don't pass! ”

Anand said, “Make the right payment, I will do it. Whose name and address should be followed, if there is any more detail in the picture? ”

“Name- Abid Shahriar, occupation writer, address I am texting you. Don't worry about the payment, I'll get it. ”

Ananda's shock can be guessed from her voice, "What are you talking about, are you following her? And if he finds out, I'll have to go to jail with you! ”

"I don't understand why you are wearing a detective, why are you so real in this profession with such a rat's liver?" There will be risks, you will be careful, you will not follow the show, donkey? ”

"Hey, is this my profession or not? So this is breaking! There is no prestige if you say unemployed. I can call it a cover. ”

“Such an idea can come out of your fat head! I will do my job properly, I will raise the client myself. ”

Anand sighed and sighed, agreeing, and he was 100% sure that he would have to pay the price for the whims of this stubborn girl. He will drown himself and drown him too!


📌📌(The name of the newspaper is fictional)

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