Movies: Incomplete Breath (Unpanchash Batas)

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3 years ago

One of the proofs that the good days are coming back for Bengali films is leaving 'Unpanchash Batas'. Everyone who gives a review is expected to give a positive review; So it is not necessary to say negative things in the first place to get out of the norm.

I find it immature for the chemistry building of heroes and heroines to happen so fast. Since it was a slow and romantic movie, more time would have been spent on early chemistry development.

Moreover, the whole movie lacked some minor details, which are easily overlooked. Another allegation is some scenes that were initially extra romanticized.

It seemed as if the first feeling of a boy and a girl in their ninth grade was a little inconsistent between a girl studying for a master's degree and a young man in her thirties.

Anyway, that's all part of 'not feeling good' in my view Now let's discuss what he liked.

First of all, when it comes to cast, the cast is very remarkable. From the main character to the side characters, all the casts were suitable. (Tahsan also has a look on the face of the newcomer Imtiaz Barshon!)

Cinematography, stories, dialogues, music everywhere had an impression of great taste. Fashion sense in particular, textiles had a different but nice atmosphere.

The story is slow and somewhat predictable but quite enjoyable. At some point in the movie, you will be overwhelmed to think about which night you will throw it.

Romantic comedy? Horror? Science fiction or just fiction? Whatever he does, I'm not saying which people will come and stand in the end, the audience will judge.

But you have to admit that the director had an extraordinary Munsiana. Director Masood Hasan Ujjwal is looking forward to his future work.

* Warning *: This movie is not for those who don't like slow and romantic movies.

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