Mirzapur: Season 2

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[Spoiler alert]

Exclude Gudu and Tripathi families from season 2 , Then you will understand, there is nothing left in this series. This shows how weak the supporting characters are.

In any TV or web series, a lot of characters and their own stories are introduced in order to strengthen the plot of the series. However, the creator failed to judge season 1 as this did not happen in the 2nd installment of Mirzapur.

The role of Sharad Shukla, who ended season 1, is understood at the very end of season 2. Because his job for the whole season is to let season 3 come. Besides, this autumn he thought of himself as a tiger and sat like a cat. The rest of the supporting characters are in the same situation. Their importance did not come to light in front of us. While Gudu's father's character was quite tidy, unfortunately his character was not given time.

Moreover, another big weakness of Season 2 was its plot. I will take revenge, I understand, the whole series is based on revenge. But, maybe there was not much work in writing on it. This time some unnecessary stories have been inserted, time has been wasted by showing the sexual lust of Hudai Buira Tripathi.

It would have been better if Gudu and Golu had shown the way to take revenge in more detail without giving time to them. Everything seemed to go smoothly, as easy as it was not at all in Season 1. Nothing much was shown in the first 3 episodes, which means it's hard to understand what's coming up.

It was very predictable this time, not so much thrill - not so much breath in the story. It seemed to me that some more villains should have shown stronger characters, who would have seen that it would not be easy to compete with them. Because as the content of the series, there we do not want to see the strong fight with the weak.

We need people to work with. Sometimes the feeling of Game of Thrones also came. The only difference is that the only candidate here is Gudu. So it will not be fun, so no.

The positive side of Overall Season 2 is everyone's performance. In which everyone has to give A +. Ali Fazal, Pankaj Tripathi's performance will hold till the end.

If this was the story to be shown, then at least 2 episodes could be cut a little faster. And in season 3, it can be assumed that since Shudu is coming under the control of Mirzapur, Akhand Tripathi will come to avenge the death of his son and I will help Sharad.

Besides, CM and Munnar's wife will also try to eliminate Gudu. Gudu and Golu will be helped here, maybe Lala and the surviving junior of the twins. As you can see, it is easy to predict what we are going to see next season.

Now if some more interesting characters come, then the game will be jammed. And if Season 3 is a guess like mine, then what else to do.

The sad thing about Season 2 is that there is not a single moment in the whole season that can be called brilliant. After all, this season was fair. I don't mean, but there is no problem.

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