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I stood in front of everyone at the corner of the neighborhood and threw tea from a cup of hot tea towards Irfan Vaiyar. Immediately Irfan Bhaiya became unprepared and retreated a little. He looked at me helplessly again and again as he shook the aquamarine shirt in his left hand. I took the cup of tea in Irfan Vaiya's hand and walked towards home. I realized that everyone was looking at me in amazement. But I didn't do anything wrong that day. I did quite well. Brother Irfan, why would you tell me that? I was very angry thinking that Irfan Bhaiya is my cousin. (I am Manvir. I am the only daughter of my parents. This time I am a 2nd year student of Inter. Irfan is my cousin. She has been living in my grandmother's house since I was young.

Disha: But tell me what Irfan Bhaiya did that day.

Me: You know how many of us are cousins. That day we all made a bet with Irfan Vaiya. We were all on one side and Irfan Bhaiya was on the opposite side. It was said that if we lose the bet, we will all feed Irfan Bhaiya and if Irfan Bhaiya loses, they will feed us all tea at the corner of the neighborhood Irfan Bhaiya lost that day so he went to the corner of the neighborhood with everyone to have tea. I was very young then. I was a fifth grader then. Are you right to tell a fifth grader about love?

Disha: That's it! Brother Irfan proposed to you when you were in fifth grade? How could you propose to such a small girl? What else do you understand then? Is it possible by Irfan Vaiyar?

Me: That's why I got angry. When I was having tea with everyone, he called me and asked if he wanted to tell me something. I said yes brother. He said I know you are very young but still I love you very much. I get very angry when I see a boy talking. I know this is your playing age but please don't play with any boy friend. I also know that you don't understand any of my words now but one day you will understand. I know it's not right to say these things now, but I couldn't say no. I know you don't understand the meaning of love now but still I love you very much. You loved me from a young age. If Shuntis had come I would have begged to get up on my lap. I know you are 8-10 years younger than me but I can't explain myself. One day you will be big and then you will be mine, only mine. As soon as I said that, I threw hot tea.

Disha: No one asked you why you did that later.

Me: Everyone knows I got angry all of a sudden so no one bothered.

Disha: What happened then?

Me: What will happen again? After avoiding my brother for a day or two, my brother apologizes to me and I forgive him and start socializing as before. For a while I forgot that my brother had ever said such a thing to me. Then one day there was a problem in our school program.

Disha: What's the matter?

Me: You know I love dance songs. Infect everyone says when I was younger or I could never stand still. I always tried to dance by shaking hands and feet. And no school event would have been complete without me. The boys in the neighborhood used to call me Naika Naika. We will come out with the PSC exam, so an event was organized. I danced alone for 7-8 hours. I never saw anyone get annoyed despite being on stage again and again. On the contrary, when I went down, I could see the sadness on everyone's face. When the music was played after I got up on the stage, a boy from the neighborhood jumped up and said to dance on the stage. I saw the boy and stopped dancing. The boy then went down. The boy jumped up from the music play again. Thus the boy got up three times and I stopped dancing three times. Although I like dance songs, I have never performed with any boy. But the boy did not understand this. Everyone was barking again and again but she wanted to dance with me at least once. Due to the boy's disobedience, Irfan Bhaiya got up on the stage and beat the boy severely that day. Everyone was so surprised that at first they forgot to release the boy from Irfan Vaiya's hands. No one understood the reason for Irfan Vaiya's anger that day but I thought of everything he said that day. But nothing entered my head, only fear entered my mind. This is how the PSC exam ends. I was very playful and naughty from a young age. I was the leader of all the children in the neighborhood. Even people older than me considered me a leader. When we used to play Bau-Chhota, Golla-Chhota, Gadam, Palan Tukkur, Irfan Bhai used to sit there and watch our game. As a kid, I used to play a lot of kanamachi. Irfan Bhaiya used to go among the children while I was blindfolded. In this way, the day of admission in the sixth class came forward. My mother will admit me to the madrasa. Because I was more inclined towards a little dance song. Mom didn't like these very much. My mother had an idea that if I went to school, I would never be able to leave the fence of dance and song. So he admitted me to the madrasa. Then I had to stay in a hostel. I couldn't eat there, I cried. My father used to go twice a week, my mother used to go once in 15 days and sometimes twice. Since I could not eat the food there, my father talked to the great master there and told the cooking aunt to fry me eggs separately for three days with the food of the hostel. My father used to give money to my aunt for that. But after a while, the aunt would not fry the eggs properly. One day I said I can't eat these anymore. My aunt listens to me very harshly. I left the bowl of food crying. Just then my father went to see me at the madrasa. I couldn't hold back my tears when I saw my father. I started crying out loud. Everyone in the neighborhood once stood in a crowd. That madrasa had three floors. There were 250 boys on the ground floor and 40 girls on the upper two floors. Seeing me crying like this, he went to his grandfather and asked me why I was crying. When the father said the reason, the great master scolded the aunt a lot. The wife of the great master used to teach the girls on the second floor and stay there with the girls. They had no children. From that day on, Madame used to cook for herself and for me as well as for her master. Everyone used to caress me because I was good at studying. If you go down to pick up food, you never have to pick up food with your own hands. I could not understand who would pick up the food from the bowl. Sometimes I would get special food cooked for the masters in my food bowl. Many people used to say that the boys downstairs like you, so you don't have to go down and stand in line like everyone else to pick up food. And the big lord would get very angry if he heard any bad words in my name. Madame would pick me up in her arms and feed me when I cried. Madam's younger brother used to study in that madrasa. He used to eat with the madams. Everyone called him Mama, but I never did. After a few months, the girls' madrasa was separated and moved to another area. At one point, Mom and Dad started renting a house in the area for me. At that time I used to travel from home to study but I spent most of my time in madrasa. I used to pray at night most of the time and today I will stay in the madrasa with everyone. Because all the madams of the madrasa loved me very much. In leisure time everyone would sit together and listen to my ghazal. Once the mother of the great madam came and sat me beside her all day and listened to the ghazal. Madam was trying very hard to take me to their house. But could not convince me. Since I lived in a madrasa most of the time, my father and mother left home and went home. Irfan Bhaiya then went to college. It was not shown then. I used to hear from everyone that Irfan Vaiyar has a lot of GFs. Then my fear slowly began to disappear. Then little by little I could understand the words spoken by Irfan Vaiyar. Then one year later, Madam told her mother about the marriage of her and her brother.

Direction: What? So much caress meant to make brother's wife?

Me: Hey, don't listen. Madam used to caress me a lot so she never wanted me to leave her.

Disha: Then why did you leave?

Me: When I was in the madrasa, I used to get very sick after a while, so my mother brought me from there showing some reasons. And my mother did not want the marriage. Although they said that everything will be fine now, when the two grow up, the marriage will take place. But in the end we left. But Madame cried too when she arrived. I cried too. Huzur repeatedly asked me to stay but I was finally admitted to another madrasa after changing the madrasa. Of course, this madrasa was not too far from home. The day after I was dropped off at the madrasa, Irfan Bhaiya came to my madrasa in the afternoon.

Disha: What? Appeared on the 2nd day? Then why did you never go to the previous madrasa?

Me: Because the address of the previous madrasa was not given to anyone. Ammar Baran was.

Disha: Then why did you give the address of the next madrasa?

Me: Because it's not too far from our area. Even if my mother didn't say it, everyone would have known. The madrasa used to train women every Friday. Women from our area also used to go. Even if my mother didn't say it, everyone would have known.

Disha: What did Irfan Bhaiya tell you that day?

Me: Nothing could have caused more trouble.

Disha: Trouble? What's the matter?


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