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Ish ! you have no shame. You want to marry a boy two years younger than yourself.

- We both love each other. If we want to get married in love, what's wrong with it, mother.

'You have become so shameless that you are arguing for marriage. I will not marry you to that boy for life.

-You have to get married to protect your honor.

'I'll run away and say we're dead.

- I won't run away, mother. But your honor will be ruined.

'What else are you going to ruin.

- Mom, I'm pregnant. Aizan's baby is in my womb.

'What did you say?

How could you be so bad. You never thought about your father. You talked about your two older brothers and your younger sister. Shh shh.

No one has spoken so far in the mother-daughter argument.

Hearing this, Inayar's father roared.

- Did I teach you to read to see all this mischief.

If a girl marries a 25-year-old boy, there is no problem.

But I have committed such a crime because I fell in love with a boy who is only two years younger. That is why everyone made a mess together.

Wow !!

You are my mother and father. You love me the most. Hold on to your feet and accept our love. Why are you all doing this? What will happen if you accept our love?

What society will say is big, and I don't understand that your daughter will live without that boy.

- I have educated you so far because I love you the most. I have only taught Inter to my boys and I am teaching you Honors in Economics.

'You have given birth, it is your duty to teach nurturing.

- You have become so rude. What else can I tell you about what you did before marriage.

'I will get married, give it to me, then marriage is the solution.

Meanwhile, no one saw Inayar's elder brother opening the rod from the window curtain.

At the moment the injury started on Inaya. No one can stop Ikram.

Ikram is hitting one after another.

Inayar's father Ahmed Saheb can't bear so much torture on Kolijar's daughter.

He can't return the boy. Ikram's wife and mother are all sitting there unable to stop.

One by one, Inaya fell unconscious on the floor.

Ikram is trembling with anger.

Ikram went to the room when he found the rod in his hand on the floor.

Mr. Ahmed sat down on the sofa.

It's as if a corpse is being guarded by everyone.

As soon as the bell rang, Ikram's wife went to open the door.

Isaac is the younger brother of Inaya.

- What's the matter, I'm standing at the door, I will not go inside.


- Am I a ghost or not?

- I'm washing my hands and face. Let me eat quickly.

As soon as he came to the drawing room, he saw Isaac on the blood-soaked floor. Everyone was sitting next to Inaya.

No one is talking, no one is breathing.

Isaac cried out.

- What is this, who killed him, what happened to him.

No one is talking.

- What happened to Mother Inayar?


- What are you saying like crazy who hit him like this.

Isaac looked up and saw Inaya's hand moving.

Isaac went and took his sister in his arms. As soon as he came to the door, Ikram called from behind.

- Where are you going?

'In the hospital. I can't let him die like this.

- If I die, I will die at home. There is no need to go out and tell people.

'I will not let my sister die like this.

- I put him in the room and called the income doctor.

Isaac did not argue with Ikram anymore. He took Inaya to his room and laid her down.

Mr. Ahmed went straight to the room and closed the door.

Children could not do human beings. If human beings could do human beings, they would not have to see so much in front of their eyes today.

Mr. Ahmed has four children, two sons and two daughters.

The two boys have been educated up to Inter and put into business.

Mr. Ahmed himself looks after the fish and cattle farms.

The eldest son Ikram is calm, polite and does not get angry easily. However, it is difficult to stop when he gets angry.

Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of their life. He got married a few days ago.

And Isaac also does small business.

Inaya Honors is in the third year of the Department of Economics.

Anaya Inter is in her second year.

Wealthy families had no shortage of their happiness.

Inaya, the jewel in the family, will not eat unless she is fed by her mother.

Inaya suddenly changed her childish nature.

Painting himself in the color of love, he disappeared from his own existence.

The doctor came and saw Inaya looking at a place where the blood had clotted.

- Is Ikram killing someone like this?

Niaz didn't understand that his head was not right.

Dr. Niaz is a friend of Ikram.

- Heat the water and ask them to wipe the blood.

I'm on medication. Take rice and take medicine.

Listen to Ikram.


'Don't kill him anymore.

- Why do you love him? A girl like him is not worthy of your love.

'What a love to see worthy. Give her to Aizan to marry. May the girl be well.

Ikram hugged Niaz.

Niaz Budd loves Inaya K.

* When she regained consciousness, Inaya did not eat anything. She is not crying, she is just sitting.

* Age is not the only reason behind not accepting Aizan.

It is night and Inaya has not eaten anything.

The ringtone of the phone is ringing and Inaya is not holding the phone.

The ring rang four or five times. This time Inaya hung up the phone.

Aizan is going crazy after getting off the phone.

After a long time, this time Anaya called and saw Aijan's number and was not answering the phone.

Aijan was unable to give the message to Anaya K.

- If you don't receive the call, I'm coming to your house right now.

Anaya knows very well that Aizan will really leave so she received the call.

- Anaya, where is your sister?

'At home.

- Why isn't my phone receiving?

'Maybe sleep.

- I don't believe, call Inaya now.

'I can't. I'm not your servant.

- I know Inaya is not good.

'Yes, it's not good, it's only good for you.

While crying, Aiya says everything.

- Is everyone in the house asleep?


- Open the door. I'll see Inaya.

'Are you crazy now you understand what a scandal it would be if you actually saw someone at home.

- I don't want to understand. If you don't help me in.

I will kill your elder brother Ikram tomorrow morning. I will take away every injury inflicted on my body.

- Are you crazy?

'Yes, I am mad. I will destroy the whole world for Inayar.

- Try to understand now.

'Hold the clock for 15 minutes and open the door after 15 minutes.

-Hello listen.

Aizan hung up the phone. Anaya is sitting with her hands on her head.

It will continue.

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It isa very helfull article. thanks

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