The Cast of My New Story

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3 years ago

Today or tomorrow I will start writing a story about a man and his group going for missions to save the world. These stories are not real in fact they are like superhero movies but in a fictional form.

I assure you that you will find them interesting and worth subscribing and commenting for. Before I begin I will list out the name of my characters and their roles.

Shin: he is the most important and most popular role if you find out. He possess an evil energy inside him that takes him out of control but he can control it. The evil energy only emerges when he is very angry and has an intent to kill. At the end he is very hilarious and friendly.

Austin: he is the closest friend to Shin. They were friends since their.primaries and secondries and they also became strong together through training.

Jet: he is the leader of the group arranged for mission. For your information he is the one who formed the group who went for missions. He named their group Justice Fighters.

Lee: is a strong and flexible fighter who trained very well just to become a good fighter. In fact he is one of the strongest in their team.

Jane: she is the strongest female fighter I have ever know. She never gives up and is very sexy for your information. It looks like Jet has a crush on her.

Kam: another female fighter who joined their recently but is being controlled technologically by Drax.

Drax: he is the evil Mastermind around their mission. In facts he is kinda the main character but his evilness is what made me make Shin the main character. He has a group of strong fighters who he called henchmen. They are also good fighters just like Shin, Jet and Austin but they never carry out their missions successfully.

These are the few Casts I could mention the others will be seen in different episodes of the story. Sit back and read my story. See ya.

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I can not find a story in this what you wrote. This means, as a moderator, I have to reject your request. We only accept stories/tales which start with a story. Please, read the rules.

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3 years ago