My Worst Club Won

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Hey everyone I know you guys know the latest football news, it even on the headlines. Yesterday night the German football club Bayern Munich won the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. It was a good thing for many Germans and other fans out there but not form me. If there is any league or club I hate of course it is Bayern Munich or the German league.

I wanted Paris Saint German(PSG) to win that cup but it didn't turn out well for them. In the first half they had multiple of chances in fact all the teams played exceptionally well in the first half. But when the second half commenced problems began to arise, Bayern Munich dominated the game play and that was what led to their victory.

The player I love in particular is Kylian Mbappe, he played like a real football star. He showed off his speed, skill and accuracy in the match. He is really the next Messi and Ronaldo or he might even surpass them in all areas. The who French team played exceptionally well but just one player began to show off his selfishness and stupidity. Before I even call out the person's name you should know if you watched the match yesterday.

Neymar was the only flopp in the whole game, he started well but began to behave stupidly. When Bayern scored their winning goal he felt hopeless and stopped passing the ball. He began to give the ball away freely to the opposing team which gave them chances to score. He also shot the ball away at least two times in the match, that was a stupid act because those chances would have added more to their tally.

Well it is not everything that will go to your will. There will always be a next time for them but for now they have to find a way to improve their squad and train harder to beat the best.

Congratulations to Bayern Munich for winning the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. They truly deserve it. This leads me to my next article. Subscribe, comment, like and stay tuned for more information and articles.

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