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As you can see from my display picture of avatar my best club is Arsenal. Arsenal is one of the strongest clubs in the English Premier League and they are part of the big 6.

The Big Six are Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham. But recently some new teams joined the ranks which are Wolves and Leicester city. In fact the English Premier League is a very tough league all the teams are tough to beat. No match is predictable even football is not predictable. I want to talk more on my club Arsenal FC.

Arsenal FC is located at the northern part of London which is where I reside in. It is a read and white team that possess young and rich players. Well the best player in Arsenal as for me is the one and only Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. He is a very rich attacker also very fast and skill full. For your information every year he is at the top for the highest goal scorers just like last season. He emerged with 29 goals in all competitions and 22 in the English Premier League. Hurray he got the Silver boot but I am not too happy. He might be leaving Arsenal for another club because his contract with the club is about to expire but no worries we have another star by name Alexandre Lacazette.

He is a young Noble man who postions as an attacker. He is dark in complexion and started keeping bears lately. If Aubameyang leaves we also have Willian who recently joined our club freely during this transfer windown. He is a Brazilian star, very skill full and stylish I can't wait to see him on the pitch with his Arsenal T-SHIRT.

We also have another African star on our team just like Aubameyang and his name is Nicolas Pepe. He is dark in complexion and he is also very skillfull. I am sure those that got in his way never left the pitch without having holes in their underwears or sport shorts.

This is just the beginning in this article I just listed down the strikers but in the next article the midfielders will come in.

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