Lost in The Woods 4

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2 years ago

Mooooooooo the bull horned at me expecting me to flatter and startle out at his power, but I stood firm gripping hope and faith by its neck saying to myself "I must escape No Matter What".

The bull started charging at me with full force and it was swift in its movements. I immediately brought out the Sun Orb, according to the Cave Caver that was what he called it. It possesses the ability to suppress the bulls and achieve your goal.

When I did it the bull stumbled and bowed it's head towards my direction and it could talk to me. I could now understand the full potential of the Orb. It also gave the wood walkers access to talk to the bulls as long as it was activated and is present in the woods. Things got Intense and had reached it's climax.

The bull ministered to me saying " I will grant your wish intelligent one but I have a mission for you. Track General Box down and kill. If you can't do it alone you must create or join a group of crime fighters. It is either you find them or they would find you. You must join them to complete their missions and later they would help you complete yours. I will keep my eye on you by giving you some superpowers. That way you will be in me and I in you. That will be your punishment and also your reward". I replied "I will do anything just let me out of the woods. For granting me this I must avenge you, I will kill General Box". "Then Go, stay with the Orb it is Precious".

I was granted access out the woods and it was here I realised my destiny.

I got out and travelled to America where I will identify my destiny and recruit my squad members.

Ideas popped into my mind. What if I cannot find people to recruit and make my crime fighting group. Or what if I don't get to meet the crime fighting group the bull told me about. This is getting kinda complicated.

It looks like I will be a lone wold until they find me themselves or I find people I could recruit.

I know that I have a long way ahead of me but I will not rest untill Box is dead and the bull lets me sly.

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