Lost in The Woods 3

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I had my head hit a rock at the shallow part of the waterfall,

Blood gushed out from my head swiftly,

I was bleeding profusely and the injury was fresh and wide open,

I had to improvise with something,

I pulled my T-SHIRT over and used it to cover the injury and continued my journey,

I looked up the waterfall and found out that the fuck'n bull wasn't there,

I knew the bull took another route to get to me,

I had to continue the race. I kept running, running, running and I heard a loud horn.

I knew the bull was just ten meters away from my spinal cord,

I discovered a rock which had a downward slope into it. I knew that could be a hidout for me.

So I entered the cave only just to see that things were encrypted on the walls of the cave. I knew that this wood was not just ordinary it is magical.

I used some stones to light up a fire and placed it on a ply wood I located right inside the cave.

The wall took me on a imaginative journey to the past where the people who lived in the woods worshipped the bulls. But the people were chased away by the General Box of India. He told them never to come back to the woods unless they would be killed.

The writer remained back at the rock cave where he lived ten years embalming on the walls their culture and traditions. He wrote that this wood belongs to the bulls and they lived in peace with them.

At a time the bulls started becoming extinct, the General Box chased them out and took out two bulls for dirty experiments. The bulls began to die but only one remained.

I looked into it more and saw that the bull let's no one enter the woods again. Now that's why I saw bones of dead people on the ground.

I have to appease him, but how, I went further into the cave and a wall at the cave opened by itself revealing a stone that possesses the sun's characteristics. It was shiny and circular in shape.

On the wall it was wriitten "show the bull this and your request shall be granted". And the request must be to leave the woods alive. That must have been the last note written by the Cave Caver.

I carried and immediately I picked it up from the stand the whole cave began to collapse. I swiftly left the cave only to see that the bull was already on its way. I stood still with faith in what the Cave Caver wrote.

I was face to horn with the Bull.

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