Justice Fighters Episode 9: Captured

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{Jet and Jay, an old recruit of the organization, were walking in the night in a dark and lonely street when two of Drax's bodyguard ambushed them from a corner they brought down Jay. They plunged two punches each into his abdomen and he became unconscious. Drax sooner came of from a corner and they all surrounded Jet. Jet tried giving Drax the flying thunder but all to no avail.

He only managed to take one of the bodyguards, Ben, and when he tried to bring down the other Drax levitated him and gave him The Electric Pulse. The Electric Pulse is achieved by Drax shooting electric currents out of his hands and when it hits the enemy, he/she must be electrocuted. Jet fell to the floor unconscious and Drax had him taken away to his base.

The forgot to take out Jay and he used the opportunity to go and tell the rest of the Justice Fighters. Although in serious pain he managed to get to the base and there he met Bullock and Shin training together at the training apartment and they started their conversation}


"Who's there" shouted Shin.

"It's me, Jay"

"Jay what happened to you. You look as if you came out from a microwave"

"I came out from hell, please aid me with some water"

"Bullock fast get some water, he is in real pain" said Shin.

"Am on it"

"Common Jay what happened to you" asked Shin. "And where is Jet"'


"Be quick Bullock he is running out of energy"

"Take water"

{He gulped it furiously }

"Okay Okay Okay, here's what happened. Jet and I finished taking dinner at The Chef's Island and as we were on our way back, Drax and some of his bodyguards ambushed us. They took me out in minutes and that was the last thing I could remember. But it seems that Drax captured Jet and is going to do some evil work on him"

"Drax has synced too dip to the extent of capturing our leader. We can't let him sly this time" said Bullock. "We got to inform the others"

"No don't do that. We don't have much team to carry. Perhaps let's check out for Austin but I don't think he will go since he hates Jet" said Shin. "Look at our plight Austin isn't gonna come for sure so let's not bother telling him, Jay and jane are injured and are simply not in their current state able to fight and Karen, she will start crying. It is better we do this ourselves"

"Well there is one of our old recruits I will like to bring into this mission"

"Let me guess Gin and I know why" said Jay.

"Hmmm Why may I ask"

"It's because he has almost the same fighting style as you do just that he has no Chi"

"Right and he is pretty good. Let's go"

"Bullock take Jay to the hospital I will go and alert Gin"

"Okay" said Bullock. "Step up Jay we are going to the hospital"

{When Gin has been alerted and called and Jay has been taken to the hospital three of them gathered at the Broken gate which is a place in their city}

"Evil Drax I wonder what he is planning with Jet but let's get to it" said Gin.

"Are you ready guys" Shin said.

"Yes!!!" They said.

"Let's Go"

To be continued...

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