Justice Fighters Episode 7: The Introduction

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{Back at Base}

"Whoa Whoa Whoa who are you and why are you guys bringing him into our secret base" asked Jet. "Into our secret base to be precise!!!"

"Cool down" said Austin. "You didn't even ask us how the mission went or whether the mission was completed. All you care about is your stupid organization, government, political drama and all sorts of unimportant things. Our lives which we are risking and not even on your mind"

"Please I never forced anyone to join this organization so please if you feel like going out you can after all I will recruit more member who will complete all their missions, get Drax and one shot and ensure protection of lives and properties" said Jet. "So tell me how and why this young man was brought into our private, safe and secure house.

"You know what, Shin explain it to him it looks like I will be leaving this organization very soon"

"Please don't" added Shin. Don't allow his foolish way of talking stop you from doing that which right and just. Please Mr. Jet I will tell you what occurred.

It all happened during the Mission Drax was too strong for us he took out Jane in seconds stopped our movement. His bodyguard also took out Austin. Well I later took him out myself and we were all weak and helpless up until he appeared and stopped Drax. Even I was amazed at his strength, it was as if he was sent from the skies. Drax feared him and through that we were able to complete our mission.

Well I felt or we felt that his strength will be very important and useful to us and I felt we should recruit him. For your information he actually knew us as a group before we even alighted to introduce ourselves to him. He is a strong, trustworthy and dignified Person. That all that happened any opposition".

"A lot" said Jet. "Have you forgotten that I do the recruiting and I give the missions and I tell you how the mission is gonna be executed. Since you have brought him in and showed him the way to our base then I will have to kill him"..

"Hey Shin take jane to the hospital, I hate impolite bastards" added Bullock. "I have been standing here hearing and listening to your stupid way of talking. I will snap you out of it. I have a long journey ahead of me so if you are the one to make it longer then will have to deal with you".

"Hmmm you think your stronger than I".

"You don't know a strong foe until you enter the battlefield well we are in it. And for your information I am stronger than you"

"Well let's have a deal if you win me you will get to enter the organization but if you don't you get killed and you will not get to enter the organization. Prepare Yourself".

"Don't fight him" added Karen. "Please we are a team don't fight".

"It looks like I am not in the team yet".

{The next thing their arms were wide open, ready to exchange blows}

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