Justice Fighters: Episode 6: The Conjunction

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(Jane conversing with Drax)

"Drax upon all you've done you still have the guys to do more" added Jane.

"You don't know who I am, like I never knew your father"

"Ooooo am gonna make you know him"

(Both of them engaged in a battle of fists and kicks but Drax still had the upper hand. Then they all started using their Chis to fight.

Jane fired her fireball at Drax which he tried to dodge but couldn't fully manouvre well and he got hit on his shoulder but that gave him the upper hand somehow.

The others, Austin, Shin and Karen, tried coming into the hallway through the entrance and come to help. Drax got the entrance destroyed and the wall fell over.

He also used the same technique to fire directly at Jane who collapsed after being shot. As she was down Drax used that as a way to escape the building but something happened so drastically.

He was given a spear by Bullock, the character in Lost in the Woods, and he flew crashing into the walls. The name of that signature move was Bull Spear)

"What just happened" asked Drax. "That Hurt a lot"

"It looks like you forgot one person" said Bullock. "No worries I will defeat you here and now. All I want from you is one little answer".

(As at that time Shin had broken the others out of the walls and they saw Bullock as he asked his question)

" Now where is General Box and I need a fast answer. If you hesitate I will kill you" asked Bullock. "Where is He"

"I don't know who you are talking about its better you get outta my way or face wrath"

"I asked for a little answer but you turned me down you will die for that !"

(With Bullock's hand already loaded with Chi)

"If you come any close hundreds of people will be blown into the atmosphere. So think before you leap. It is either I give you the remote control and let me go or I blow them up and I die. Choose wisely"

"I don't care about the detainees"

"Stop!" Added Shin. "The hostages are important, they are why we are here. It is better to let him leave than to fail our mission and let hundreds of lives be lost".

"Then you must be the Justice Fighters I suppose"

"Yes we are and we want to know more of you. As for now let him leave he must surely be gotten another time" recommended Shin.

"Well if you say so" said Bullock.

"Drax pass me the remote" demanded Shin.

"Good thinking boys you have learnt to use your brains but you all are still weaklings. I will continue causing harvoc and you will continue to let me sly. Tata fighters.

(Drax left the place swiftly after passing the remote control. The others and Bullock start up their conversation)

"So who are you" asked Austin. "Who sent you, and how did you get to know us and our present locaton"

"I sensed crime her that is the reason. The rest are top sectret information I have to conceal so I don't insist on letting you know"

"Well that's not much of my business I have to take you to base for more explanations on yourself and your whereabouts". Let's go.

(Bullock followed them to base and they all had a long chat)

See that in the next episode,

To be Continued.......

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