Justice Fighters: Episode 5

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"Jane I hope you are ready to save this people. I want your faith to be high. You look like someone that would desert us at the battlefield" said Austin.

"I do not know if I am ready but just have it in mind that if I am see drax face to face the landscape would change it's form" Jane replied.

"Please do not do anything reckless, we were given a mission that we must complete. We must save all those hostages. I want you to have it in mind because if hundreds of people die because you want to have revenge, I will unleash my revenge on you as well" said Austin.

I have told you what to have in mind if you desire do anything to me I don't care but I must have my revenge.

"I won't let you do as you like I also want to kill Drax but the mission is most important. That comes First you know"

"We are landing, its time to let the cat outta the bag. C'mon peeps let's fire things up" added Karen.

(Missile shooting out from a canon and one of them hits their engine)

"That's it they know we are here, time to jump out kitties"

(All on their chairs, the roof of their Key opened and their seat pull up from their seats. They were open in the air, they all unbuckled their seatbelts and activated their parachutes).

(They landed on the main land when one of the enemies came out through the main door of the building)

"Don't worry yourselves I will finish him off" said Karen.

(Karen gave him a turnaround kick called 'Twist of Faith' and that took the man off the cliff of the building)

(As the four of them entered the building, Karen, Shin, Austin and Jane, they met Zhang, one of Drax's bodyguards.)

"Zhang where are the hostages" asked Austin.

"I know no shit what your talking about or I think they have been blown away. Before you came here you should have told the government to pay the money. Well that's that"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you will p-a-y f-o-r t-h-a-t"

(Austin and Zhang engaged in a fight. Zhang gave Austin one of his ultimate moves called the Spinning piledriver and that kept Austin on the ground for a few seconds. Austin rushed at Zhang to revenge and he was given the alright submit which was another of Zhang's moves)

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Austin shouted

(Austin was down to the ground again)

"You know Austin, you can never defeat me" said Zhang.

"But I can" said Shin.

"Let me see, show me that power of yours"

(Shin drifted towards Zhang who wanted to give him a Lariat but Shin dodged and welcomed him to hell with a move called the Dragon Uppercut. Zhang fell down from the roof holding his jaws. Shin didn't wait for him to respond and he gave him a whirlwind kick that threw him to the elevator)

(While that was on Jane and Karen were dealing with other enemies when Jane saw Drax escaping through the passage and she esclaimed This is your end, yata!)

(She swiftly climbed up the stairs and ran towards Drax with an immortal speed. She was face to face with Drax)

To be continued....................

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