Justice Fighters: Episode 4

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Good to see you guys here. I afraid to say this but you guys have to beg Jane to follow you guys to Bangkok.

Why? For what reason? Why is she refusing to go to where she came from? Asked Austin.

That is not a question for me besides I thought she would listen to any word you guys say.

Hey why can't you do this yourself besides your the leader you always know what to do.

Don't worry I know what to do. I am a sweet talker so I know how to surpress people. After all she is a hero there are many ways to bring a hero back to her senses mentioned Shin.

Then be quick there is no time, many people will be blown up to shreds if you are not early said Jet.

Well this is the mission. Drax has captured a band of NASA operatives and is demanding huge sums of money from the government of Bangkok. News came from different sources that he has put a bomb in place for them and I expecting the money under 48 hours. I expect you guys to be there by the end of today, get the hostages out and retrieve the remote control of the bomb. Why I told you to take Jane is because she is more familiar with the area than you guys.

They went over to Jane's residence and asked her to follow them.

Jane are you serious you don't want to save the world again because of that experience with Drax that is so unpredictable said Austin.

Austin I told you to cool down I got this. Jane I will like you to sit here and watch people die I think that is what your father wants for you.

Shin threw her all the pictures of the captured individuals. She saw it then asked.

Shin what of all this captured people what are we gonna do about them. You know I can't stand seeing helpless people.

I thought there was no we. When you're ready meet us at the chopper.

I am definitely gonna come and if I see Drax there must be a battle.

That's the spirit let's move Karen is waiting for us said Austin.

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3 years ago