Justice Fighters: Episode 3

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3 years ago

Hmm you guys do not know me much I will crush the daylight out of you.

Ohh he is trying to scare us boy let us show him how it is done on the street

Power bow pow pow pow bow bow

You guys really deserved that you should not go robbing people's properties.

'Hey there I heard you are the new Justice fighter' said Karen.

Yeah what about that who are you and how do you know our underground organization? asked Shin.

How will I not know and start asking you right away. By the way my name is Karen, I am the assistant to the head of the Justice fighter squad.

Thanks for introducing I will like to go it is too late I am starving.

Do not get too lazy you will not know when a mission pops up so be alert.

Yeah yeah.

Austin you need to show up as fast as you can Drax is going cray cray again. Karen is bag so she can assist you this time. Make sure to inform Jane we need her for this mission.

All these instructions I hope the mission is not too hard I have things doing. By the where was Karen, I know I warned you about her lateness and her disappearances

I know but she is my assistant you cannot tell me that she is working against us. She also helped us to defeat Drax the first time be give her some dignity.

Whatever but if something pops up don't not say I did not warn you. I will be there soon.

Hey Shin something's just happened we gotta move.

So I can't just have a week free of missions. I wish I hadn't joined but o well I must save the world. Just wait for me Drax I will battle you if that is the last thing I do.

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Let me be truthful to you I love stories like very well. In Africa here we tell a lot of stories. I also like mission stories just like this one.

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3 years ago