Justice Fighters: Episode 2

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'Drax the plan has been set we are monitoring the area to check out if any of those riff raffs will be coming' said Jinx.

Good if they come wipe them out as fast as you can before it is too late. I do not want that virus bomb diffused.

'No problem Drax I will not fail you' Jinx said.

'Hey go outside' Jinx telling two of the little soldiers working for Drax.

One of the soldiers went down bleeding through his mouth.

Another soldier was also brought down by Austin who led the group inside the warehouse where the incident was going on.

'Drax can never be stopped, this virus will soon blow up and all inside will be infected and die' said Jinx.

'Hmm you really think so. If there is still some time I can toss that bomb into the air and shoot it with a gun or I just toss it into the river. No I can get the remote from that muscled fool and hand it over to scientists to handle. I think that is the best option it is better than shooting it someone could still get infected' thought Shin.

'Shin there is no time take out all of those little ones. The bomb will soon diffuse and there will be a lot of casualties including us' said Austin.

No I have a better plan just take out the little ones and the hostages I will face the big one over here.

Jane and Austin took out the other guards and helped the hostages out of the warehouse while Shin was in a battle with Jinx.

Jinx had injured Shin at some minor parts of his body but that did not bother him so much. Shin destroyed Jinx chest with a move he called a Hurricane Kick which him and Austin possess.

All the hostages were taken out except for the time bomb containing the Virus. Shin managed to seize the remote control out of the pocket of Jinx and gave it to one of the scientists that was deceased by Drax.

The time bomb containing the virus was stopped and a lot of lives were saved. They reported to their leader immediately about their success.

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3 years ago


Your story is better as the earlier one I read which was more written like a play. Keep in mind it isn't always needed to repeat the names of the characters. You could have mentioned in this part what the two are involved with. It would make your story better.

Also, let them talk the way a person would talk. 👍

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3 years ago