Justice Fighters Episode 11: No thought, No Leap

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"And the raider says we are right on top of it" said Shin. "But there is not underground hole leading there"

"No wait! I think we are really on the top of the base" said Bullock. "Look at the wall isn't it so strange, it's fake"

{They went there and touched the wall and it was just a curtain that has the same image as it's normal presentation}

"Actually all you guys told me were lies" said Bullock.

"How do you mean" asked Gin.

"If Drax is this dumb why haven't you guys caught him ever since"

"He might not be very smart in camouflaging but he is strong in fighting and please a normal person won't know that there is a secret passage was in a train station" said Shin.

"Strong, hmmm, he is just a piece of shit. I could take him down but well that's not my calling, I have other people to deal with"

"Well let's go down"

{Behind the curtain was a rope they held on to it and rolled down and lo and behold they were in the lab}

"What the fuck! What are all these equipment" said Gin.

"Well it looks like he is smart" added Shin. "For him to be engaged in scientific works then he is well learned and talented"

{Voices coming from a meter away from the Justice Fighter's present location}

"Good you have gotten him now he is ours, we need to find a way to lure them here" said Drax. "They will destroy themselves haahhahahah"

{Shin jumps into the the room swiftly}

"So that's your next plan huh toying with the minds of our members"

"OMG Shin I am scared, I am scared to tell you that Jet isn't part of the Justice Fighter Organization and in a few minutes when his spirit is stirred up he will be delivering blows to your faces"

"So you think that's gonna thrill me, prepare yourself Drax"

{The others joined in the room}

"Hey Drax" Bullock called. "I have no business with you, the only thing I want to get from you is Box's location. We have something to figure out"

"So you plan on taking my master on, that will only be your death day. You think he is weak"

"No one is weak, you only find the weak and strong ones on the Battle Field. Prepare yourself I will chew you raw"

"Stop!" exclaimed Shin. "This is my fight and I don't want any interruptions"

{Jet has woken up and is confused only for the Justice Fighters to notice that he has been tampered with}

"Arhhhh where am I"

"You're in my base fool and do not forget your mission"

"Never will I, we must eliminate the Justice Fighters"

"Good that is what I wanna hear. Please feel free, they are here, enjoy yourself"

"Thank You Drax my friend"

"Common Drax is the friend of nobody" said Gin.


"Let me beat Jet out of it" said Shin.

"No!" exclaimed Bullock. "Think before you leap. Drax must have done something to him that might have made him like this. Guess, we need to do the reversal of whatever he did"

"Right but we still need to suppress him"

"Okay Shin go after Drax, I and Gin will suppress him and force his scientist to do the reversal" suggested Bullock.

"Think before you leap, huh, you're wise and I like it" said Shin. "Drax there's no escape it's you and I now. Haaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiaaaa"

{Drax and Shin were engaged in a battle, so was Gin and Bullock and Jet}

To be continued.....

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