Justice Fighters Episode 10: Formulated Strategy

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“Now the problem is how are we gonna know where he is and where is Drax’s hideout” said Bullock. “This mission is already aborted since we have no clue.

“Let’s call Karen” added Gin. “If we call her she would come out with her ship, we would get on it and have a lookout for Jet”

“If we call Karen you of course know she will and that will waste our time more. You know she is in love with Jet” said Shin. “Karen Karen, that’s it”

“What happened you’ve got an idea” asked Bullock.

“It is more than an idea, it’s the answer. Ever Justice Fighter has a tracking device hidden in various parts of my body. Mine is at my neck, well Bullock you are a new recruit maybe Jet was figuring out your own. All the tracking devices can be tracked in the Justice Fighter Jet”

“Wait so what you’re saying is that as at that time Jet had his own on” added Gin. “You know he is the leader so he may not have put any tracking device on his body”

“I like that word may, it defines most things but what if he did have it on. No one is expected to remove it. It is water resistant so even though you bath nothing will happen to it. I am sure he has it on and we are going to find him. Let’s go to the base and grab the Jet”

{They went to the Justice Fighter base, got on the Jet and turned it on. On the tracking device reader they saw everyone’s tracking device but they didn’t see Bullock’s own because he has not been administered a tracking device}

“Bulls eye” Shin exclaimed. “I told you we would track him down, he is at an underground fortress under a train station. So that is one of Drax’s hideout, he is not too smart”

{Back at Drax’s base, he was conversing with a scientist who helps him to carry out his evil work}

“Hey Rendell” said Drax. “I don’t want any form of interruption from any of those stupid fighters, get this over with”

“But sir you can’t tell me to be quick, do you know how hard it is to confront someone’s mind and memory. That is not a day’s job”

“If you open your stinking mouth to tell me that I will do yours under 12 hours now continue before I get angry. Enter into him search for something that will make him change his mind and then confront it. When you’re done of course he will turn against the Justice Fighters and eliminate them for good”

“Do you really think he can defeat all the Justice Fighters? He is their leader doesn’t mean he is the strongest in their squad. Recently, I heard they recruited a new person into their group and he is said to be the strongest of them all. Well I also heard he dealt with you during their last mission”

“That’s it if you say a word one more time I will destroy you. I am just leaving you because you are my one and only scientist, I will kill you soon enough. Now continue”

{The three have landed and are on their way into the train station fortress}

“To think Drax would build a fortress here then he was looking for electrical and mechanical energy” said Gin. “Don’t you think he is performing an experiment on Jet?”

“You’re right that bastard may have a lab under here we gotta move fast” said Shin. “Once I get him he’s gone”

To be Continued…




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