Justice Fighters: Episode 1

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3 years ago

Austin: it has been a long time friend.

Shin: I guess so how has your training been

Austin: I have too many things to do so I haven't been training but I know I can still beat you up just like in school.

Shin: dreams I can't wait to kick your butt.

Austin just received a call from jet telling him to come over to the base with Shin.

Austin: hey Shin we gotta move Jet is requesting for our arrival.

Shin: who's Jet.

Austin: the leader of an underground organization working for the government. I am a member so he requested for you to join in and fight crime for good.

Shin: who's behind all this crime. I want to know and I want to kill him

Austin: I don't think you are ready for him right now cause if you go you might die.

Shin: then it is time for more training. I must meet that man and fight him till all my bones are crushed.

Austin: no first we have to go see Jet our group leader before even going to pick fights with a minyack.

Jane joins them in the park after receiving a call from the leader.

Jane: hey boys I thought you recieved a message some time ago and you are still here talking about picking fights.

Austin: watch your mouth young lady let's just go.

Back at their base a new mission was announced.

Jet: glad that you guys are here so let's get straight to the point. Drax has kidnapped a band of scientists who are preparing a vaccine to a particular virus. He also found a group of hospitalized patients, took their blood and are holding some individuals hostage. You guys are gonna go an rescue those kidnapped individuals and retrieve the virus and the scientists.

Austin: this seems like an annoying mission why do U always get the hardest of all missions.

Shin: so you are still lazy to come to think of it I am not surprised. You were always like this since college, I wonder when you will change.

Austin: shutup and come along your voice is making me angry.

Jet: Nathan has spotted some of Drax henchmen on the ground so be fast there is not enough time.

Shin: We will soon be there no need to worry.

They were picked up by Nathan outside their underground base.

In the next episode we are going to be seeing the Justice Fighters in full action after they reach the pin pointed location. See ya.

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3 years ago


I wonder what you wrote. Is it a play? I only see stories written this way in a script for a play so the actors can learn their part by the head. It isn't the greatest way of reading. I don't know how much experience you have but you can learn something if you read a lot. Books, tales, stories written by other readers.cash users.

This way of writing isn't attractive to me and I doubt many will read it.

Please, read the rules of the community. If you write a story in parts each story should be standing on its own. This means it needs a start and (open) end.

Good luck 🍀

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3 years ago