Justice Fighter Episode 8: Battle of Justice

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{They started throwing blows to each other. In their hand to hand battle it seems they were obviously at an equal stand but when they started using their Chi the battle began to get tougher}.

{Jet used his flying thunder on Bullock which landed him on the ground. The flying thunder is a move done with a supernatural speed that is unviewable by the human eye. But Bullock stood up with his bull given strength and gave him a move called the Bull bomb. This move shoots out from his mouth and when it hit Jet it got him on the floor. He couldn't stand up again.

"What a technique" exclaimed Jet. "Where the hell did you get your chi from"

"Now you have acknowledged my power I already I have been granted access to the organization of Justice fighters" said Bullock. "Anytime you want to have this bout come to me and i will teach you a lesson. As for now do not interrogate me cause I will kill you"

"Very well you have shown me your power but I do the recruiting" said Jet. "You have your own Job and I have mine. I wannas ask also what is your aim of joining this organization"

"I was sent to track down a certain man and kill him"

"Who sent you" asked Jet.

"Yeah who sent you" asked everyone.

"I told you guys already that it is confidential. At least I have told you my aim and the mission given to me"

"Ok the who is the man you were given to track" asked Jet. "and also where is he situated"

"Well he is situated right in this city but his whereabouts is what I am not sure of" said Bullock. "His name is General Box"

"General Box, I know of that man" added Jet. "He is said to be a Feudal Lord that lived in the fire country. Box was the one who taught Drax all his techniques he is using today"

"Then he must be stronger than Drax after all. He might not be easily taken down like that" said Shin. If I am just managing over Drax imagine what would happen if I go against a man such as that, it will not end well"

"I am the man to bring Box to an end, you have Drax to yourselves" said Bullock. "From now I will join you in your missions to save the world and all that but when I encounter Box, the atmosphere will change. I will be on my own facing my battle and you will do yours"

"I agree with you" said Jet. "So from today you are recruited into the organization and now you are a Justice Fighter. Save the world from evil"

"Thanks seems like you recruited me the hard way"

"I accept you won grrrrrr"

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