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3 years ago

Don't give up on what you want to become,

Don't give up on what is right to your heart,

Don't offend your neighbor or your friend,

Don't sin against your maker or Potter,

Don't go late to work without having a reason for it,

Don't go out at night,

Don't do what will affect your life and destiny,

Don't disobey your parents and teachers,

Don't give ears to negative advices from evil friends,

Don't back bite people whether it is a stranger or a friend,

Don't cheat on your boyfriend,

Don't waste the effort of your parents,

Don't disobey school rules and regulations,

Don't forget where you are from,

Don't forget where you are going to,

Don't forget what likes in front of you,

Don't show off your flashy clothes and jewelries,

Don't pass by a helpless fellow,

Don't give up on your wife you might regret it,

Trust no one.

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Impressive one Dear...Don’t give up in any situation and don't importance other above then yourself.Because people come in your life for a little bit and for their own means but you are the only one who care yourself than others.Self love is amazing Dear so try this one .Thanks for sharing us a nice poem Dear

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3 years ago

Don't see the people upper than you

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3 years ago

Ah yes. The "Don't"s in our life

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3 years ago

Yes, don't

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3 years ago