Buried in Love

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3 years ago

What makes me so glad

It is totally different from what makes me sad,

But because I am buried in Love,

I have so many reasons to be glad,

So many can hate me because of my attitude,

But that should not come in place of gratitude,

Once I am buried in Love,

My attitude and gratitude are aligned,

Now I know the reason why so many people cry,

But there is only one way to escape those tears,

Once I am buried in Love,

I know there will be no need to cry,

Tears of love and tears of joy I know they are connected,

But the problem is not the knowledge of the connection,

It is the knowledge of how to connect with them,

There is only one way to connects with those attributes,

You can connect if you are buried in Love

If you don't have love,

Connect it,

If you don't have joy,

Connect it,

If you can't achieve that connection,

Live in positivity that it will connect to you someday

Love is Everywhere.

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