Arsenal: The Midfielders

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3 years ago

Well it looks like we are going short on players from my last check on the transfer window but I will tell you the ranks last season. Last season all our Midfielders did excellently well but some surpassed the others.

The first on my list is a loaner from Real Madrid football club named Dani Ceballos. I chose him from my own point of view because he performed his duties very well. He was loaned to us by a La Liga team and now he should be on his way back there. No matter what I enjoyed his stay with us.

Another good defender we have is Granit Xhaka who joined our team some few years back. He was that good enough to earn the glorious position of the captain. But after all that happened he exhibited some annoying behavior and was removed from wearing that captain band. That did not stop him from being a good midfielder.

We also have the likes of Lucas Torreira well he is not that old in the team. But his few years in Arsenal brought him some new experiences. He is a strong and tactical player, he knows where to go and where to be at a particular time. He is not the goal scoring type like our Pierre Emerick Aubameyang but he is pretty good himself.

I am not too good at naming guys so this I where I retire from now. I know many but this are popular and are more reliable than the others. In the next article we will talk about the defenders and goal keepers. See ya.

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