An Interesting and Wonderful Conjunction

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2 years ago

Hello guys at least I know that no one here does not have an idea of what a Conjunction is.

This is it, I will be combining Lost in the Woods and Justice Fighters.

Let me give a summary on what is really going on right now.

If you were following my series you will acquire that in the Lost in the Woods, the boy met a particular bull. This bull had chased him everywhere until he entered a cave. In that cave he acquired information on the people living in the woods.

He found out that the bulls were like gods to them, they lived together with them and they worshipped them. After some time they began to go extinct which means they began to die and deflate in number.

So later on in the series, he entered further into the cave and a wall opened revealing an Orb. That Orb had the power to make someone understand the bulls. This Orb he took outside on the run from the bull.

Later on he came face to horn with the bull and after pointing the Orb to it's eyes he was able to understand every single thing the bull said.

The bull gave him instructions to follow of he wanted to leave the woods alive. The bull told him that he should find out the location of General Box and kill him. The bull mentioned that he must get his revenge. Not only that, the bull have him super powers and those powers were to levitate objects and human beings as well. This Power he wielded so that he could use it against General Box.

The bull had a reason for giving him these powers. It was because he knew that Drax was working for General Box who is his master that taught him both matial arts and Chi control.

The Chi gives you powers that are connected to martial arts. This Chi makes you shoot out powerful energy from your body. They all come in different colours. General Box and Drax both possessed this powers and are using it to achieve their evil goals. All their bodyguards possess such Chi. This was the reason why the bull have him such powers.

So now the guy has reached New York and is ready to join them, the Justice Fighters.

He will later, after joining them, gather information about Box and his hideouts. Get him and will have their final battle.

Watch and Enjoy.

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