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The Application I want to develop

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4 months ago

I think of an application (mobile or desktop) that supports the Four (4) different interaction types in Human Computer Interaction which is the Instructing, Conversing, Manipulating and Exploring.

But first let me define what are the Four (4) different interaction types in Human Computer Interaction.

According to our lap module in the subject Human Computer Interaction.

Instructing : issuing commands using keyboard and function keys and selecting options via menus.

  1. Where users instruct the system and tell it what to do (e.g. tell the time, print a file, save a file)

  2. Very common conceptual model, underlying a diversity of devices and systems (e.g. CAD, word processors, VCRs, vending machines)

  3. Main benefit: instructing supports quick and efficient interaction good for repetitive kinds of actions performed on multiple objects

Conversing : Interacting by as if having a conversation.

  1. Like having a conversation with another human

  2. Range from simple voice recognition menu-driven systems to more complex ‘natural language’ dialogues

  3. Examples include timetables, search engines, advice-giving systems, help systems

  4. Differs from instructing in that it is more like two-way communication, with the system acting like a partner rather than a machine that obeys orders

Manipulating : Interacting with objects by manipulating them.

  1. Exploit’s users’ knowledge of how they move and manipulate in the physical world

  2. Virtual objects can be manipulated by moving, selecting, opening, and closing them

  3. Tagged physical objects (e.g., bricks, blocks) that are manipulated in a physical world (e.g., placed on a surface) can result in other physical and digital events

Exploring : Moving through a virtual environment or a physical space.


  1. Involves users moving through virtual or physical environments

Examples include:

– 3D desktop virtual worlds where people navigate using mouse around different parts to socialize (e.g., Second Life).

– CAVEs where users navigate by moving whole body, arms, and head.

– physical context aware worlds, embedded with sensors, that present digital information to users at appropriate places and times.

That's all for the Four (4) different interaction types in Human Computer Interaction.

Now let's move on to the application I want to develop. I think of creating a mobile gaming application which is like an MMORPG game or a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This application supports the different types of interaction to the user which can instruct, converse, manipulate and explore.


The user can give instructions to the characters he/she created by pressing the desired keys in the keyboard which allows the character to move and do some common actions like walking and running. For example, in order for the character to walk forward, the user need to press “w” in the keyboard and double taping it allows the character to run.


Users who are new to the game can use the game’s help system where they can ask on learning the basic actions, Hero leveling, learn powerful skills, crafting equipment, dungeons and etc. This will help beginners who thinks the game is very confusing to play.


Users are allowed to create and design the ideal hero they can imagine like changing costumes, hairstyles, eye color, hero’s height and even the characters facial expression. Aside from the hero design, user can give stats to their characters and strengthen hero’s equipments.


After creating and designing the user’s hero in the game, now they can go take main quest and even side quest where they can now enjoy the game by moving around the vast world of MMORPG and clearing dungeons and defeat strong bosses that hinders the hero’s journey to become the best.


Thank you for reading my article and I hope you like it. Have a good day everyone. Stay healthy and safe!

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Written by   4
4 months ago
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