Self love

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3 years ago

This is an important part of our lives that we neglect allows. Yes it is good to look after others, love others put others first in some cases but never forget yourself in all this. Self love practically talks about neglecting things that will not let you grow as an individual or a person. Like letting go of people who always bring negative thouths and ideas to you, finishing what you have started and stop procrastion.

In this month we must start doing things to take care of ourselfs like frequenting the hospital to check ups, we should take care of our general mental wellbeing, having time for our selfs, relaxing, taking vacation when necessary.

One thing we shouldn't do is to hide our feelings, this is very important, this can make you not pay attention to yourself and your surroundings. Open up to your partner or loved one and get inner peace.

The best way to be forgiven if you offended someone is to forgive yourself. This is very crucial to avoid unnecessary illnesses and regrets in live.

You see self love is very important and it's time we start taking proper care if ours selfs.

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3 years ago