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  • What is pornography if I must ask?

Pornography can be defined as any material be it picture or words that Is sexually explicit. By sexually explicit, I mean it is very clear to the user what he/she is consuming. Many people engage in pornographic activities for so many reasons that are best known to then, but is it really worth it? That's the question we should be asking ourselves right now.

Genres of pornography

There is a ever growing list of pornographic contents in the internet in which users engage themselves with such as bisexual porn

  • Ethnic porn

  • Feminist porn

  • Furry porn

  • Gang pornography

  • Gay pornography

  • Gonzo pornography

  • Hardcore pornography

  • Hentai pornography

  • Incest pornography

  • eMilf pornography

  • Mormon pornography

  • Rape pornography

  • Reality pornography

  • Transgender pornography

  • Advantages of pornography

1.It increases libido

For those whose libido level are on the low side, research has shown that watching porn helps increase once libido level, by labido I mean once sex drive. A research shows that their is a relationship between the time spent watching porn and the urge to have sex.

2.It helps reduce stress

Yes watching porn helps relieve stress and pain. just by watching porn one can get reliefed of stress and pain.

Disadvantage of pornography

  1. Porn changes thebrain

Porn floods the brain with chemical such as dopamine which aids in total dependency on sexual content. It makes someone demand more of porn content because the porn they were watching before begins to look outdated and they begin to look for genres of porn to satisfy their cravings. According to a survey, 1500 males where asked what was their taste in porn and 56% and their response was that they preferred more aggressive porn. This is because they have consumed more simple porn content now they need more aggressive content to satisfy themselves.

  1. Porn destroys love

Porn reduceses the affection one has for their partner. They tend to become more curious of their partners body, sexual performance, sexual curiosity and display of affection.

  1. Porn affects one sexual life

Most porn users are significantly not not satisfied with their partners looks, performance and willingness to try new sex styles and position. Porn users reduces their ability to have sex in real life but prefer to sit down in front of their computers and get aroused by sexual acts

4. Porn is just a big, fat lie

In reality, an average film of 1 hours plus takes more than 4 days to shot but it is made in such a way that you think it happens for 1 hour straight. That's you it is called " made belief".it portrays that what ever a man does a woman likes it, which isn't true because most of the acts are degrading and a pure act of wickedness.

There you have it readers porn and pornographic contents are not what they seem to be. Thanks for reading.subscribe for more articles.

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Really pornography is bad things. It reduces the memory also. So every person should avoid pornograph. Pornography is enough for destroying young generation.

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Nice post.. hey subscribed u now, sub back plz...

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