Episode #28 - CasinoFair, Cindicator, Dragonchain, F1 Delta Time, and Aave

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Podcast link #28https://anchor.fm/chesatochi/episodes/Episode-28---Discover-5-Extraordinary-Crypto-Projects-that-are-CasinoFair--Cindicator--Dragonchain--F1-Delta-Time--and-Aave-eoithn


Another outstanding week on the crypto sphere with Bitcoin near 32k and Ethereum has reached 1k! It is very exciting and keeps me pushing toward my dream to work full time from that space that I love so much.

The proof when you want something is to never give up, no matter the situation.

What covered in this podcast

I talk about the following projects:

CasinoFair: FunFair casino with over 25 games made by the company
Cindicator: A trading bot APP that will help you generate profit without trading yourself.
Dragonchain: Blockchain of blockchains that you can use for many cases.
F1 Delta Time: Play to earn concept where you are an F1 pilot on the Ethereum network.
Aave: Big giant of the DeFi space where you can make interest and borrow money with your crypto.

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