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CN30 Discover Sentinel, Yield, Orion Protocol, Enjin, Scaling Solutions for Ethereum, Terra!

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Every week I like to produce a newsletter where I summarize what I covered in the crypto space. What is so special about it, you discover great things in the realm of crypto and have value directly in your mailbox.

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What's covered in this newsletter

I talk about the following projects in this newsletter:

  1. Sentinel: Decentralized VPN.

  2. Yield App: Invest in DeFi easily.

  3. Orion Protocol: The only trading platform you will need.

  4. Enjin: The king of NFTs and blockchain games.

  5. Rollups & EIP1559: Ethereum scaling solutions.

  6. Terra Luna: Decentralized financial payment network.

  7. Kylin Network: Decentralized insurance on Polkadot.

Come, read and subscribe right away to this newsletter.

Last word

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Written by   145
1 year ago
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