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CC417 - Decentral Games - Play to Earn Poker WOW!!

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1 month ago

#decentralgames #decentraland #poker

Are you someone who enjoys playing poker and loves the world of crypto? Now you have Decentral Games where you can play poker in a plot in Decentraland.

The best part, you can purchase an expensive wearable for unlocking the feature of play to earn and mine a token for your valuable time.

You can see me walking around in the game where I show the look and feel of the poker house.

Enjoy this exceptional show!!!

⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

00:00 What covered in this video

00:29 Chesatochi Channel Intro

00:36 Explication of the game Decentral Games

06:49 Watch me walking around the house poker.

Sincerely, Chesatochi

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Written by   141
1 month ago
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