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CC237 - Numio Ethereum Wallet with zkRollups that Handle 2000 TPS

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2 days ago

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00:00 Introduction
00:48 The main page of Numio
05:29 Numio pay
07:50 Numio vaults
10:49 Numio blog

Introduction of Numio

Now you can send fast, cheap, and secure transactions over Ethereum and save up to 100x of the actual Ethereum fees. They use the technology of zkRollups that can handle over 2000 TPS.

Numio website:

What's covered in this video about Numio

It is always cool to have a crypto smartphone wallet where you can save a lot on the fees with the zkrollups implementation.

Watch the video right now to know more about this Numio wallet.

Please do not forget the chips while watching!

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Written by   128
2 days ago
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