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CC218 - Rollups 100x & EIP 1559 will Scale Up Ethereum Before ETH2

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1 year ago

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00:00 Introduction
01:12 100X scaling solution for Ethereum
07:11 Ethereum's EIP 1559


One of the major drawbacks of Ethereum's face is the high gas fees, but this is only a momentary situation. Solutions are popping in the pipe before the big launch of Ethereum 2.0!

Those are EIP1559 that will be implemented in July and the Rollups scaling solution that can handle between 1000 to 4000 TPS.

What's covered in this video

I show you need to have patience with innovations and not just complain. Rollups and EIP1559 will make Ethereum better in the current state.

Last word

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Written by   145
1 year ago
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To be honest, the Crypto I have in my portfolio that I'm the most excited about having is ETH.

Its price is conditioned to rise to the roof thanks to the same reason which makes it, ironically, a prohibitive medium - it's transfer fees.

What are your thoughts on this "double-edged" sword which are the high transaction fees? (they pump the price up while lowering the possible use)

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1 year ago

High transaction fees are just temporary, I have faith, patience, and the true potential of Ethereum.

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1 year ago