CC207 - Litecoin is Dope & MimbleWimble Privacy Feature on the Way

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03:43 Litecoin for individuals
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Litecoin is compared to the silver market where Bitcoin is equal to the gold one. Litecoin is a good store of value with a lot of liquidity that is accepted to almost any respected centralized or decentralized exchange.

Now they are going to introduce privacy into the coin soon.

What's covered in this video

I present what Litecoin offers for businesses and individuals and all the important features of this important cryptocurrency in the market.

As well, I take the time to share my thought about the privacy feature MimbleWimble that is coming in the pipe.

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I still don't understand much about Cryptocurrency, but I'm happy to learn from your article.😇😇🙏🙏

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Never too late for learning.

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