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CC165 - SmartKey - Connector of Virtual & Physical Assets with a Blockchain

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00:00 Introduction
00:53 Main interface of SmartKey
06:54 How SmartKey is working
12:36 SmartKey project presentation
13:46 Selected press publications
14:34 The team of SmartKey
15:55 Trade


I discovered this project while I watched a nice video made by BitBoy on LBRY. I love to discover and bring new stuff constantly to this channel or otherwise, life will bore me if I talk always the same thing like Bitcoin.

Always have an open mind toward innovation and new ideas.

What's covered on this podcast

I present all the sections of the website of SmartKey and learn at the same time the essence of this project.

What you need to remember about this project is they want to connect the DeFi economy with real physical assets like car renting as an example.

Smartkey website:

Last word

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Written by   123
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