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The Future of Build.Cash

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4 weeks ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash

First and foremost I wish to thank everyone who was willing to make a pledge to the Flipstarter campaign last year. Despite the fact that the Flipstarter did not get funded the project will move forward in a limited capacity.

Getting funding for a project that does not exist beyond planning is quite a bit trickier than getting funding to continue an already active and successful project. It is the chicken and the egg. How does one know a thing is valuable to invest in if it does not as yet exist? How does it come to exist if no one invests in it? Someone has to take a leap of faith. A leap of faith that the project has value one way or another that will improve things. Someone.....

The total amount pledged to our Flipstarter was enough to cover the initial costs of setting the foundation of the project, however not enough to fully fund its development. That proved to me that there is enough interest to at least see it get off the ground and attempt to establish a useful resource that the entire community can benefit from.

I will be that someone and will be bootstrapping the start of Build.Cash myself. There are limits to my resources however and that means I will only be able to fund the development of the site itself which as written previously in the Flipstarter campaign was quoted at $2000 (plus the domain and hosting expenses etc.)

Accountability is one of the core purposes of the Build.Cash project and we intend to hold ourselves to the same high bar set by BCHN and have full disclosure.

The funds have already been moved to the Build.Cash address which will be the address where ALL Build.Cash related transactions from now on will be conducted from.

I have sent 4.4 BCH to bitcoincash:qzckpuqaku2qlrk2euqj6jwgtv87h02a0c0sasf5js

Which at the time was worth $2288.97 USD and should be enough to cover the initial expenses. This does not include the cost of the domain or hosting which I have also been paying.

A Bit Of a Snag.

I was just informed today though that the WebDev that I negotiated with, will be unable to take on the project after all. So I am in the market for another webdev. If you happen to know anyone with experience in, and accepts BCH please let me know!

Despite this second setback I am pushing on!

My original intention was to have Build.Cash set up as an NPO here in Japan. I still hope to someday however that is not financially possible yet as the cost is beyond what I can personally afford at the moment.

The real value of Build.Cash will be it's content and more importantly its curation. While it is my hope that developers will eventually come to see the value in Build.Cash enough to make contributor accounts and update their own projects, it is unlikely that many will take the time to do so until Build.Cash has proven itself as a valuable resource.

What this means is that for the foreseeable future only 1 person will be responsible for all the research and data entry. This will be a very intensive labor of love and as it will be voluntary it means this due to the massive massive effort needed, progress will be somewhat slow.

I have also decided to dedicate one day a week to the project. As such I will be re-arranging my work week to allow for it starting this summer. I would very much like to work on it full time, however I can not afford to.

I think it is important to state that this is not in anyway a complaint. It is just a declaration of status. Honesty and accountability are at the very center of the core mission of Build and I think it is paramount that this project holds itself to the same standards.

Good things are coming! I am super excited to get this ball rolling.

Thank you.

If you want to help this project, donations can be made to:


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Written by   58
4 weeks ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash
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Really looking forward to this. Constructive accountability FTW.

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4 weeks ago

Thank you so much. I will be adding any tips to this post to the donation address as well.

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4 weeks ago