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The 12th of September and My College Life so far

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1 month ago

I'm currently on my 4th year as a Chemical Engineering student and I can surely say that it's a roller coaster ride. Tears of joy and sadness were shed every now and then. Failing exams or short quizzes, difficult activities, problem sets, capstone project are just few of my stress during my journey. My everyday nightmare is the thought of being embarrassed in front of class during recitations (believe me or not, there are a lot of profs that humiliate students lol), but as I progresses with my year I tend to get used to all these disappointments and it doesn't even matter anymore if I get humiliated or not (sanayan nalang, pasok sa kabilang tenga labas sa kabila tapos move on). It's not always sadness and failures, the best part of my college life is having the best of friends who are always there through thick and thin. Also, I learned to be stronger than before. I was trained to be resilient and not to react and absorb every people's opinion because not all of it matters. Fun activities with my seniors, same year level, and juniors are treasures I will always keep.

I honestly felt like this course is not for me, even this very moment. I doubt my braincells every day, even my skills and capabilities. I want to shift and not pursue this anymore but when I am at the peak of that thought, I always try to remember the reason why I am still going on. The only goal of mine is to finish this and face whatever career God will give me - be it as a Chem Eng or who knows I can pursue my dream profession.

My birthday is just around the corner. It'll be my 22nd birthday as a human being and 4th as a college student (ang daming alam haha basta 22 years old na ko acckkk isip 12 pa rin huhu). I don't know why there's always something going on during my birthday as I started as a college student haha. During my freshman year, my birthday is Thursday and we have a class but not just regular class. We are having series of exams that time in different subject, the start of academic year before is still on June so when September came it's like a time for midterms. Actually, midterm exam is not applicable to all subject (depende nalang sa trip ng prof) in our department since most prof prefer series of long exams- every week (sometimes every 2 weeks) we take our long exams. So yeah hello 19th birthday hello exam haha. Sophomore. The following year, my birthday is also the same day of returning of greenbooks (it's where we write our solutions and thus our scores after my prof checked it). That same day, I think I failed my exams (I failed most of my exams in major subject ahahah) so yeah disappointed but not surprised. That's my department's gift for my 20th birthday. It's fine tho, my mom bought me a phone that I've been using till now hihi plus my friends who are also my boardmates prepared a small party for me we ate cake and spag I guess (I forgot the foods we ate lol). My 3rd year as a college student marks the start of online classes. It's Saturday during my birthday that year. No classes, no exams BUT tons of pending activities to be pass and deadlines starts to overlap. It's also the stressing sem for me because I was an irregular student so I am also attending classes for the subjects that I need to pass in order to continue so my load was mygash super loaded haha. I had 29 or 31 units and the regular load is only 22 hahah. I grabbed the opportunity to overload since it'll be a chance to be a regular student. But thinking about it drives me crazy, 29 units or so? how did I even managed that acck. So going back, during my birthday that year I was literally just lying on my bed because I am so exhausted with the activities I have on my to do list. Good thing, my friend @glossyberrycraze and s (she's on nc) visited me and gave me their homemade cake, which made my day better. Finally, my birthday as a senior student (hopefully my last birthday as a college student) is on Sunday. Weekends, yey. No not really. On Sunday the 12th of September will be the deadline for our technical report about material selection in our Chemical Engineering Design subject. I am really paranoid with this subject, I can't explain hahha try searching P&ID maybe you'll understand what I feel hahaha. We're not going to design yet but we're given a situation as a process engineer and we have to decide what materials to use (in a certain process in powerplant) and justify our decision.

So yeah I dunno why there's always something going on with my date of birth but yeah whatever hahahah. I am on my 4th year and happy to say now a regular student (sana lang till 2nd sem hahaha).

College is difficult, but always remember that difficulties will always be part of our lives.

~thanks for stopping by❤️

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Written by   213
1 month ago
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