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Poem Compilation

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2 months ago

Good afternoon😊 A greeting from Charlotte from the Philippines🐱

I hope you're all doing fine.🤗😊

I can't access my bluefire account I dunno why :<

I'm planning to write some article tofay bout science but then I found some old stuffs.

I look into my old bag that I used when I was in highschool and I found some old notebooks with note. There's a big notebook which is the thinnest among the notebooks inside the bag. I opened it and saw my old poems. It was written 5 years ago so I guess I am 16 years old that time. I'll share my poems written by my teenager self hahah. I decided to compile it since, length is also a factor for the bot to upvote my article and I need money so I can help the affected people in Albay and this is the only way I can think of to raise fund. So if you want to help you can upvote this article and I'll assure you that I will send it to those who manage the donations. Thank you in advance😁


He was the first man I saw,

As my eyes can see the glow of happiness and the fear of darkness,

As my lips can smile,

Sweetly as the birds singing up to the sky.

He never leave my side,

As I ran to the road of failures and difficulties,

As I encounter ghost and monsters,

He'll be my shield for me to reach the trophy of success.

He was my first love,

The very first man I love.

The reason why I strived hard,

And continuously fight in the battlefield of life.

He was my first love,

The very first man I love.

The first man I kissed,

The first man I hugged.


Is one of the reason why,

I can see how great God's gift are.

He was the first man who entered my heart,

And the only man that will never leave it tore apart.

~I wrote this for my first love, my dad.

Crashing Plane

I have my ticket,

My things are already packed.

I'm ready to travel,

And I'll never go back.

This place of full of hatred,

Everywhere, judgemental eyes are there.

Fake smiles,

Are what they always wear.

The plane came.

When I reach Paris, things will change.

I sat beside the window,

With a boy fixing his clothes.

He started to talk to me,

But I'm not sure if I'll entertain him,

It's hard to trust someone,

And I only met him for the first time.

Then suddenly, we're sharing our stories,

Reminisces good memories.

He's different from others,

Fear in my heart is now gone.

We'll wait a few hours,

Then Paris will welcome us,

But, the plane started shaking,

Women and children are crying.

What's happening?

All passengers are shouting!!

"The plane will crash",

He said it calm and relaxed.

I looked at him with a worried face,

He smiled at me and tied his shoelace,

He said, "We can't be save by our cries,

Don't do nonsense things."

I never thought of being on a crashing plane,

The plane reached Paris,

It crashed,

Already a trash.

-I can't remember the exact time I wrote this haha but maybe I got sick of judgmental people around me that's why I wrote a poem wherein the persona will change places for the better. I don't know why I ended writing a semi-love story, and then a tragic one haha.

Who are they?

They are not my parents,

But they guide me in every step I make.

They have their rules and regulations,

For us to be in a good condition.

They are not a guard nor a police,

But they ensure our safety,

They care for our security,

Who are they?

They are not nurses and doctors,

But checking our health is one of their priorities.

They are not painters, but they paint joy in our faces,

Who are they?

They are not judge, lawyers, or attorney,

But they always fight for us,

Stand beside us,

They'll fight no matter what.

They are not dictionaries or computers,

But they keep on installing information in our minds.

They are not television or social medias,

But they can influence over a million of lives.

Who are they?

Who are the great people behind our success?

They are our great teachers,

Our lucky charms, fairies, and heroes.

We see our teachers 10 months per year,

As we enter our second home, teachers ar our second parents.

Teachers are more of a superhero

They make a great change in our lives.

-I made this poem to honor our teachers, I'm happy that the class agreed to use my poem and write it in a paper with their arts as a gift for our adviser when we're in 9th grade.

I still have another poem written at the last page but it's lengthy because it's a story type poem so I'll be publishing it separately.

Thanks for stopping by❤

Again, you can upvote this article as part of donations for the affected citizens of Albay. Thank you so much🤗

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Written by   199
2 months ago
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Your poet self is out again UwU sad even i don't have extra when i want to help out there ;;-;;

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2 months ago

Nakakamiss din magsulat ng tula haha, pagpray natin mga affected areas kasi kaonti palang din naiipon ko gawa ng di ako pinapansin ng bot hahha. May paparating nanaman na isang bagyo and probably bicol nanaman tatama

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2 months ago

Prayer na nga lang maooffer ko :"" di din ako masyado binibisita ni bot plus i dohave enough time and a laptop to write again. Uuwi ako today so i can write a bit though

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2 months ago

Ganda ❣️

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2 months ago

Salamat po;)

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2 months ago