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How can I write about you without crying?

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4 months ago

From the rise of the sun and soon it sets,

How can I forget?

Your voice as you sing while playing guitar,

While you tell me stories of your child, teen, and married life.

When I was sick,

You came running guiding my feet.

As I finished a chapter,

You're there smiling and proud with your youngest daughter.

Thank you for your guidance and protection,

For showing us how much you love mom,

And treating us five, princesses of your life.

Thank you for teaching me how to fight, and have a gentle heart.

I want to feel your embrace again,

I want to hear your laugh while you tease me into something,

I want to smell those ointments you're using,

How can I even write about you without crying?


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Your father I presume. Wonderful words you have written.

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3 months ago

Thank you:)

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3 months ago

Awww this is so sad

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4 months ago

Hmm yeah

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3 months ago