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1 month ago

~~Now the day bleeds into night fall and you’re not here to get me through it all, I let my guard down and then you pulled the rug now I’m getting kinda used to being someone you love~~

Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi was playing on my earphones on repeat. I recently love his voice as I heard his song entitled Before You Go. The message of the song hit hard, after that I started to listen to some of his songs and I fell in love with the melody and the context of it.

“grrrr grrrrr”

“Shhh Dannie”

I’m in front of our house outside with my dog, Dannie, who keeps on barking and I guess he wants to pee, we’re standing here doing nothing and he kept on staring at the dark part of the street. I guess he’s seeing another dog. Dannie starts to walk and he doesn’t stop growling, I slowly followed him and as we get closer, I saw a figure hiding his visage in glooms.


The figure is standing beside a tree, not moving, but I felt a deep stare being flashed at me.


Yeah it's unfinished since it's just an idea hahahah this @Ruffa 's fault hahahha she gave me an idea of submitting a thriller story so my mind keep on bugging me to write. Well, thanks to her I've got an idea haha. It's already 3am I need to sleep, I just updated here since my schoolworks are really piling up.

The title is not yet final.

See you on the next update😁

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Omoooo, mukhang maganda ,😬😬, excited na ako dito pero, hindi pa ito ang ipapasa mo? Haha tapusin mo to dito, tapos iba nalang ipasa mo 😂

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1 month ago

Hahahha baliw, depende pa kasi kung matuloy ko yan, di ko pa mabuo yung plot eh haha

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1 month ago

😂😂😂 ay sya, wait wait nalang ako kung ganon haha

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1 month ago