How I Handle My Insecurity

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"Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can posses." -Sabrina Carpenter

Every single one of us may or can feel insecurity no matter what gender and no matter what age. A lot of things can be a reason to this but the real question here is "How and why do we feel insecure?"


In my point of view, it is because we encounter situations like:

  • Witnessing others success while we're still working on ours.

  • Saw someone we think is better than us.

  • Saw someone who looks so perfect while us, we only see our flaws.

  • Someone made fun of our flaws that we're totally fine with, but after they noticed, we felt insecured about it.

  • We rarely receive compliments.

  • We always compare ourselves to others etc.

Countless reasons but WHY?

You see, just like what I have mentioned above, "Every single one of us may or can feel insecurity no matter what gender and no matter what age." That means that we all are imperfect, all of us have our own beautiful flaws, inside and out. We don't see other's flaws, mistakes and struggles, that's why. We only see the beauty in them. We only feel insecure because we know ourselves so much while we only see so little with other people. You think you know them but there is more than meets the eye. We are all IMPERFECTLY PERFECT.

Social medias nowadays are really popular and here, we see a lot of things that are either real or fake. Let me tell you this, social media is fake. Sometimes there are posts that are just "facts." There are photoshopped bodies & faces, videos that are just an act, pictures that has a dark side behind it, informational news that people only posted for fun, and the worst, scams and this is one of the reason why sometimes, we compare ourselves to what we see, we compare our lives to the lives of those who only show their success in public. Social media shows us things that are"almost perfect", perfect life, perfect body but it doesn't show us the reality behind every post of how those individuals managed to reach their success. Their struggles, their faces behind those walls. Do not forget that, it is always ok to feel low at times, to celebrate other's success, but it is really not necessary for us to feel insecure about those kind of things because someday, we are going to be the one feeling that confidence and someday we are going to be the one that they're gonna be celebrating for, we just have to work on it, to work for it. We are all beautiful no matter what others think of us, what others say and how they see us. We are always beautiful in the eyes of someone and if others can't see it, then don't let yourself be blind too. Be the one who sees your beauty at all times.


As for me, my mood changes. In some days, I feel so much confidence in me and in the other days, I don't feel like myself. In some days, I'm in the mood for "make-ups" and "selfies" and in the other days, I don't even look in the mirror because I feel horrible. But these are the things to never forget:

  • Self-care/SELF-LOVE

  • Always remind yourself that you are always beautiful no matter what.

  • Don't compare yourself to other people.

  • Be grateful for what you have.

  • Be happy for other people, especially for yourself.

  • Don't listen to the negative words you hear from others and just make it as an inspiration.

  • Help yourself in becoming a better version of you, there's nothing wrong in "changing."

  • Avoid negativities, as much as possible think positive.

  • Cheer yourself up.

  • Flex yourself.

  • Accept yourself.

  • Always talk to God.

  • Be proud of who you are and what you have.

These are just the things I do whenever I feel down or insecure about myself and I want to share these with all of you because struggling from insecurity is never easy. I want to boost all of your confidence, I know how it feels and I don't like seeing others feel what/how I feel. No matter what age and gender you are in right now, YOU ARE BEATIFUL AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF THAT.

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