SEA GAMES mis management

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3 years ago

Don't get me wrong I love watching sporting events but honestly I'm not so excited about the hosting of the SEA games here in the Philippines, for it's too much of a burden to carry

1. 9.6 Billion Pesos cost is indeed a tad cheaper than the expenses of other nations but such amount is already .2% of the total budget for the year 2019 we could've obviously realigned that sum of money to more meaningful and timely projects (uhuhm post harvest facilities,classrooms and barangay spaces for recreation)

2. Maintaining the facilities built would cost at least 200 million pesos annually , as we've seen or if you haven't let me enlighten you by saying that facilities in Pyongyang, Rio,Beijing and other previous hosts of sporting events are letting the facilities rot for maintaining an olympic village, stadium and its other features really is a nightmare for any government.

3. The BCDA (the body which will manage the infra post conduct of the events) has a budget of 150 Billion pesos for the incoming year , their budget has a significant increase for a massive and delicate task is given to them

4. No amount of Gold medals will be worth 9.6 Billion Pesos ,even if we win all the events or most of them. It really will be a not so smart way of utilizing public funds

5. Facilities wouldn't be used frequently by the athletes or the masses post sports conduct as per discussions of the upper house , the facilities will be tightly guarded and under strict surveillance

6. A crisis within and outside the venue(new clark city and other places therein) of the sporting events is highly plausible, security has been one of the most if not the most most challenging part of hosting these sporting events.

I really am an avid fan of sports and I do encourage my fellow youth to engage in sports and recreational activities but in this case I dissent.

Still, I send my best regards and wishes of luck to the Filipino Athletes that will represent the country haha! Go and get us some Ws Maties!

Indeed it's a futile attempt for the conduct of the SEA games is just a few days away but I just wanted to show you what we're losing and what we are about to lose.

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3 years ago